November 20, 2014 Issue


Center visits the Holy Land Experience

Dear Editor:

“Everyone should go at least once,” declared Ammie Davis.

Alice Batts said, “It was very beautiful, something I’ve never seen before.”



Jeannette Strowbridge stated, “It was something I’ve always wanted to experience, really enjoyed it.”

Buddy Carr added, “Everything was lovely, and everyone should have been there. I got a chance to experience the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.”

These are just a few of the many comments made about their recent visit to the Holy Land Experience on Oct. 16-18, sponsored by the Jefferson County Leisure Center. Approximately 45 people journeyed to Orlando, Fla., to marvel in an environment that glorifies God, depicting significant events in Biblican times.

They were able to witness such unforgettable moments as the birth and death of Christ, His being tempted by the devil, and His feeding of 5,000 with two fish and five loaves of bread.

They were able to travel back in time to an ancient land that is 2,000 years old and 7,000 miles away. Some were even able to participate by being baptized and by receiving Holy Communion.

Everyone agreed that the accommodations were excellent, the people were nice and friendly, and the entertainment was great. It was a trip of a lifetime.

Tammie Bennett
Center Director

Support your U.S. Postal Service

Some in Washington want to close dozens of mail processing plants starting in January, which would result in delays to the mail and virtually eliminate overnight service even when mailed in the same community.

This is the same misguided thinking that’s behind efforts to end Saturday and door-to-door deliveries, cut back post office hours and make other reductions in mail service.

Degrading service would hurt residents, small businesses and communities across the country – and it would eventually destroy the Postal Service itself by driving mail away.

It’s not necessary. The Postal Service, which doesn’t use a dime of taxpayer money, is profitable. So far this year, it has earned more than $1 billion in operating profit, and its finances have been improving for years.

The red ink stems from Congress, which requires the Postal Service to pre-fund future retiree health benefits – something no other public agency or private firm has to do. That costs the Postal Service $5.6 billion a year – and that’s the red ink.

Lawmakers need to fix the problem they created – not force you to accept substandard service while destroying a national treasure that is based in the Constitution.

Call your representative and senators (202-224-3121, congressional switchboard) and tell them to support the moratorium on plant closings, so the U.S. Postal Service can continue to serve your community.

Fred DeLoach,
Georgia Rural Letter
Carriers’ Association


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