January 29, 2015 Issue


Adams encourages all to stand up and fight

Dear Editor:

My dear friends and citizens of Jefferson County:

We have just celebrated MLK JR Day and I need to express my concerns to you. It seems that everyone wants the SCLC to fight their battles; but it’s time out for this type of thinking. How can you expect us to stand up and fight for you when you won’t even fight for yourself? The SCLC has always fought to make sure your civil rights are not taken away. As a human being, you are born with rights: God-given rights! However “man” has tried continuously to take away your rights and strip you of your dignity.



Please hear me out:

Sometimes, the “law of the land” takes away some of your rights; sometimes our leaders take away some of your rights with their other priorities. There are people who don’t want you to have your freedom and rights but they want to have theirs. This is not justice when they only want to benefit themselves or certain other groups of people.

I, Bobby Adams, have been out here fighting for a long time. I left school to lead and participate in the march from Louisville to Atlanta to demand the hiring of the first Black state trooper in Georgia. I want you to know that we as a group of people, Blacks and Whites, prayed all the way. The march was a success and the state of Georgia hired its first Black state trooper.

I also participated in the Million-man March and worked with leaders such as Min. Farrakhan and Hosea Williams to organize it. I say this not to talk about myself but to say that I value my freedom and rights so I take a stand and get involved to fight for them.

Louisville and Jefferson County, I am trying to fight for you, but where are you? What are you doing?

This is what I am saying to you, stand up and become a part of something positive.

As president of the SCLC, I want to see better relationships between the citizens, law enforcement and ourselves. On this road of life, I go face to face with the devil everyday. If you don’t face the devil on your journey then it means that you are headed in the same direction as he his.

Time is winding up folks! You need to trust whole heartedly in God and love one another and do the right thing!

Thank you and God Bless you

Bobby Adams
President Jefferson County SCLC

Mole does not want county to become dumping ground

As a Jefferson County Citizen, I am opposing dirty industry in my county including the proposal to expand and continue the dumping of sewage sludge in Jefferson County Georgia. When warning signs are posted at sites where sludge has been dumped that say, “WARNING – NO TRESPASSING – BIO SOLIDS APPLIED WITHIN LAST 30 DAYS,” that is a scary sight! If this sludge is proclaimed to be harmless and so wonderful, why are such signs posted?

I was one of the citizens present at the public hearing held at the Jefferson County Court House on January 14, 2015 that was hosted by the Thomson-McDuffie County Water and Sewer Commission with speaker, Marty Boyd, Thomson Engineering Consultant. It was disappointing that no representative from the Environmental Protection Division (EPD) or no locally elected officials were at the meeting to hear our concerns. In Mr. Boyd’s “spill,” he admitted that disease carrying pathogens are found in sludge and seemed to think that they were taken care of before application to the land. Again, if that is the case, why are warning signs put at dumping sites? There is no guarantee that these deadly pathogens are all removed! If McDuffie County doesn’t want this sludge, why should we?! Why did they get the permit to put this in our county instead of us getting the permit? One citizen at the meeting summed it up that Boyd’s presentation was a “fallacy.” Truthfully stated! We should not sacrifice the public’s health for financial gain!

This letter is to urge and encourage the citizens, including the commissioners, of Jefferson County to follow God’s Truth that shows us to love the land and not defile it. Please contact the commissioners requesting a hearing concerning this, and for them to please pass an ordinance which prohibits land application of sewage sludge in Jefferson County. Also, request Georgia EPD for a hearing in our county concerning this. The time and date of this hearing needs to be appropriate for the citizens of this county. We have a right to know why we have been chosen as the Dumping Ground of Georgia and to STOP this sludge!

For further information, please go to www.jeffersonedi.org or JEDI on Facebook. Thanks for reading my letter, and may we all take a stand for this cause.


Gail Mole


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