May 28, 2015 Issue


Gordy feels we are reaping the whirlwind

We are seeing the fruits of what some would call the blind leading the blind in Louisville and Jefferson County (and D.C.)!

In one of our markets a reorganization of the departments has taken place.



Gone are the salad bar. No one would deny its health value…and the compact disk section. In their places are a large selection of organ-pickling alcohol for sale seven days a week!

Alcohol 24/7 may bring in minor hikes in revenue because of Sunday sales, but will cause major headaches for the consumer and cops alike!

If you see a friendly lawman in our town or county today, ask him or her what’s the biggest problems they face these days. They will probably tell you it’s DUIs, marijuana and other illicit drugs.

Or better still, ask a Department of Family and Children’s Services employee how much their workloads have risen in the past six and one-half years or so.

They may just shake their heads and roll their eyes.

Now that school is out for the summer, this writer is reminded of last summer when youths walked our streets seeking work to earn a bit of spending money. Few were to be had!

A decade or so ago federal funds were allocated for summer youth programs to perform work in the public sector.

That program has long since been dropped. Our youths no longer are taught work ethics which paid dividends that last for a lifetime.

St. Paul said you reap what you sow. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has in recent years sown tares for our youths in the place of summer jobs for our young folks.

Is it little wonder that too many of these youths learn to puff pot or chug beer at a younger and younger age instead of washing cars in summers until they sparkle, earning a deserved tip?

America on the local and national levels has sown the wind and is reaping the whirlwind. Little wonder our climate is changing.


Bob Gordy,


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