October 30, 2014 Issue


Gordy says to vote no to Sunday alcohol sales

Dear Editor:

As per your Oct. 23 edition, it was distressing to me to read that two Jefferson Countians were fatally shot near Waynesboro in Burke County in the wee hours of the previous Sunday at a party at a former night club.

Your readers should take note that Burke County is more liberal in its statutes governing alcohol sales than is most of Jefferson County.



Only the city of Wadley locally allows the Sunday sale of alcohol. When Jefferson County voters cast their ballots Tuesday, Nov. 4, they should note this crime and these two 24-year-old Jefferson County residents at this birthday party.

As your article states, the gathering was held at the former Club Dynasty. This leaves little doubt that alcohol was being served.

Ask residents of the city of Wadley how much extra revenue has been brought into their tax coffers by the sale of alcohol on Sundays. Little, if any, I’d say!

Let the large cities have their booze on the sabbath! Let us keep our young men and women alive and safe in Jefferson County when they go out for a night on the town in most of Jefferson County.

Let Wadley have its weekend wine and beer and booze!

Vote no on the amendments to allow alcohol sales on Sundays in the rest of Jefferson County! And pray for our youths and their safety.


Bob Gordy,

Praise team plans community performance

I said in my open door policy that it would take all of us working together to make things happen and better. l, Sandra, was visiting Brinson Hill Baptist Church, Pastor Rev. Kemp, “Great Pastor” and First Lady, and l had the pleasure to see this Greater St. Matthew Praise Team perform and they blew our mind. One word, amazing.

You know it’s not every day you see extremely young children working for the Lord. I had the pleasure to sit down, eat and talk to these young intelligent children and the words coming out of their young mouths were so refreshing that l had to pause. The children told me praise dancing gives them a form of guidance, that when they are dancing they feel a passion for Christ.

Praise dancing motivates them to go to church, to help others and most of all to show love for all people. They said, “You can’t love Christ without loving all people.” They said their Godly goal is to relax people and ease their mind of whatever they are going through or dealing with. These young children brought tears to my eyes.

They said, “Miss Sandra we need your help, how? We as children want to be able to help other children. We can make a difference in bringing the crime rate down.” They later said, “Miss Sandra, recently our teacher, Mrs. Layvette Ann McGruder, brought us a van to be able to travel from church to church, bringing children out of the streets and bringing them back to the church. Her money is little, but she used what she had to get an old used van. On our way home from performing, our van broke down side the road. Miss Sandra, it’s about 25 of us with the group and we are continuing to grow. Our teacher, Mrs. Layvette is great and she refused to turn any child away even though she can’t afford all of us. She tries, and we love her dearly.”

I later spoke with Mrs. McGruder, l asked her, what inspired her to start teaching children praise dancing. She replied, “I love children, all children.” She said she used to have problems getting her daughter to attend church, and that was the only way she could motivate her to attend church. She told me she has been doing this for 10 years now and her daughter is in college, and she saw the need to continue helping other parents with their young children to come to church and be a positive citizen and make the world a better and safer place for all people.

Mrs. McGruder is definitely a role model for us all. The children then asked me, “Miss Sandra, please help us to put a fundraiser together so we could purchase a reliable van; so when we travel, we can make it to the church and back home safely.”

My heart broke and it brought tears to my eyes. So, l am asking all of you to help these extremely young children make a difference in their lives as they reach out to bring other children into the church. We know if children stay busy working for God they will not have time for the devil. With God in the house, the devil has to go.

I have personally delivered an invitation, with a picture, to most churches in this county. We are asking for your support and your donations for our children. The tomorrow future depends on them. Please bring crime down to 0 percent. If you would like to donate to the Greater St. Matthew Community Praise Team, please make checks payable to The Greater St. Matthew Community Praise Team, 1038 Wrights Circle, Louisville, GA 30434.

We are also selling tickets to a program where The Greater St. Matthew Community Praise Team and others will perform on Saturday, Nov. 22, at 5 p.m. at Jefferson County High School. Tickets are $5 and children free. We are asking all churches with a praise team to join us. We have mailed out personal picture invitations as well. Everyone is invited. The children will be selling hot dogs, sodas and chips. The children will also provide a candy dish for all children. It’s children night only. To participate in the program, call Layvette McGruder at (706) 833-7149.

Please come and support our young children who are bringing positive energy to our community and our County. Thank you all for your Godly support, the children.

Love you all,

Sandra N. Wilburn
and The Greater
St. Matthew Community Praise Team


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