August 28, 2014 Issue


A salute to Speakie

Dear Editor:

This is a final salute and Taps to a fallen comrade in American Legion Post 229 of Wrens, Mr. C.W. “Speakie” Stephens Jr.

He joined a vast number of WWII veterans the other day who have left the Earthly scene. He was 93.



Speakie, as he was affectionately called, was married to the late Jeanne Robinson Stephens, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. George Robinson of Louisville.

A faithful Legionnaire, he always attended district Legion gathering each quarter when he was younger.

I remember a most unusual occurrence in the probate judge’s office in the courthouse many years ago when employed by the late Jim Horton, who at the time owned this publication.

Researching back issues on file in the probate office, my eyes fell on an article telling of a Wrens boy being badly burned…Speakie. I heard someone come into the file room. Looking up, there was the grown up C.W. “Speakie” Stephens Jr.

Back in the old days, I was a member of Post 225 of Wadley. At district, Post 225 was either in first or second place in the attendance contest at district, with Wrens Post either in first or second. Always, but always, Speakie was one of the main sparkplugs in turning out Post 229 members at district.

Speakie and his wife Jeanne authored the geneaology column “Ancestoring” that appeared in this publication for decades.

Speakie’s late father founded the old Jefferson Reporter around the turn of the 20th century…1905 I think.

There’s an empty chair at Peggy’s Restaurant these days.

See you, old friend!


Bob Gordy,


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