December 18, 2014 Issue


Why are they legalizing pot?

Dear Editor:

As we watch more and more states legalizing the use of marijuana as if it was just another flavor of ice cream we all should be wondering why.

Is it for improving the economy? Lowering the unemployed numbers? Enhancing the stock market? Healthcare improvement? Providing a source for more taxes? All but the taxes part are extremely unlikely even allowing for the use of marijuana for “medicinal purposes.”



It is documented that one of every six teenage “users” become dependent on marijuana and it “seriously hinders intellectual development.”

I feel certain that most of you parents know precisely what I’m talking about. In all the other terrible things going on in today’s world maybe that fact is slipping away from our top daily concerns...unless your teenager is one of many that are getting pregnant out of wedlock, getting a divorce because there isn’t enough money for your teenager/youth and spouse to pay rent, utilities, food, clothes, car payment, insurance, bonding out of jail, fines and the like...after the marijuana is paid for.

Robert L. Clements

Gordy on Louisville’s Lambs

The Lambs of Louisville are a bit like Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors of Biblical fame. The Lambs in this case have served our nation in wartime as well as peacetime.

Last Friday afternoon, I sat transfixed in my living room as Hal Lamb’s AAA football team brought down mighty Washington County by a score of 27-20 to capture the AAA state title in football.

Hal is the son of Coach Ray Lamb, who grew up in Louisville and has won state football titles in Warrenton and Commerce.

Sad to say, Ray’s sister, Jewell Lamb, was killed in an auto accident on the way to see Commerce’s football team play for a state pigskin title. Ray’s mother, “Miss Nancy” Lamb was injured in the accident.

Hal’s brother, Coach Bobby Lamb, coaches football at one of my alma maters, Mercer University in Macon after having led Furman’s football team to titles in South Carolina.

By the way, longtime UGA coach, the late Wally Butts, played in the backfield at Mercer in the 1930s.

Bobby Lamb left Furman in an attempt to breathe new life into Mercer’s dormant program.

M.G . “Manny” or “Gab” was Jewell’s brother and served in WWII as did another brother, Charles.

Oddly enough, “Gab” and Charles died within a week or 10 days of each other well after coming home from the war. Another brother of Ray’s and Jewell’s was Sammy who coached football in Wadley for a spell. Sammy, however, earned his mark coaching baseball at ARC in Augusta. Another near-kin of the Lambs was Myrtice Mae Lamb of Louisville who met and married Clarence Ditlow Sr., a WWII soldier from Old Camp Gordon…now, of course, Ft. Gordon. Clarence Sr. became a shop foreman at a Chevy dealership in Harrisburg, PA after the war.

The Ditlows had two sons, one of whom is the famous automobile safety critic, Clarence Ditlow Jr. Both he and his brother whose first name escapes me, were born in Louisville during WWII.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention another of Coach Hal Lamb’s uncles, Ray’s brother, the late Robert Layton “Bones” Lamb. He was the best friend I had at old Louisville Academy. He loved sports but could sit on the sidelines. His brief life…he passed away in his early 30s…was filled with pain due to the “killing type” of arthritis.

Life is filled with triumph and tragedy. Friday at the Georgia Dome was a triumph for Hal Lamb and the Calhoun Yellow Jackets.

This essay on the Lambs of our town ends with a footnote on Ray. He served as one of UGA’s main athletic scouts for both Coach Vince Dooly and Mark Richt after his years at Commerce.

Two of Ray’s kin who still live here are Sonny and Billy Lamb.

Over in Sandersville and Tennille, they’re saying wait ‘til next year! At Calhoun, their battle cry is, “This is next year!”


Bob Gordy,


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