Middle school Warriors win season opener 20-6

The new Jefferson County Middle School football team opened their regular season with a big win over the Swainsboro Tigers and then a loss to Thomson’s Bulldogs.
With the new middle school slated to open in two years, Wrens and Louisville Middle Schools elected to combine their football teams now and have been practicing on the JCHS campus. 
Coach Demetrius Jenkins said that he is proud of the way the players from both schools have been working together.
“I’ve been preaching to them that we are one family, that they are all brothers, and they have really been receiving that,” Jenkins said. “They are a great group of guys. And the coaching staff, that’s the pillar of the team, the coaches from both schools really know their students and undertand what motivates them. The way they are playing together, it’s way past my expectation.”
The middle school Warriors opened their season beating the Tigers 20-6.
Warrior running back Nicholas Jordan ran in the first touchdown from five yards out in the first quarter.  
Then, with just a few seconds left on the clock before the half, quarterback Elijah Brown connected with Keyshawn Tennyson on a 30-yard pass for another TD.
Jordan broke for a 50-yard run at the beginning of the fourth quarter for the Warriors’ final score of the game. 
“Overall we did OK,” Jenkins said. “We did exceptionally well on defense. We were backed up against the wall a lot and they held. Our quarterback is doing a good job operating the offense. We had four turnovers on fumbles, and that’s not good, but we were still able to put points on the board.”
The Warriors lost their second game to the Thomson Bulldogs 47-14.
“We didn’t look good on defense. We didn’t look good on special teams. We didn’t look good on offense,” Jenkins said. “It was raining and the rain threw off our game plan. Thomson was blitzing the mess out of us and we had planned to pass more to back them off of us, but the rain messed us up on that.”
 Thomson scored three touchdowns on the Warriors on special teams, Jenkins said. 
Warrior Nicholas Jordan had a 50-plus yard run for a touchdown and Elihah Brown punched in a two-yard run. 
Wednesday the Warriors were set to host Washington Wilkes Wednesday at 5 p.m.
“Overall the season is going great,” Jenkins said. “We did have the one setback with Thomson but we’re going to try to rebound this week, and we hope to see Thomson again real soon.”