March 26, 2015 Issue
Warriors fall 3-1

By Tyler Copeland

Last Tuesday, the Jefferson County Warriors soccer team played the Harlem Bulldogs in a game that went into double overtime. Christian Hernandez scored the tying point on a penalty kick with 40 seconds left on the clock. The Warriors lost the bout to Harlem in the shootout, bringing the final score to 3-1.

The Warriors went on to beat the Metter Bulldogs 1-0 Friday night. Coach Chris Thigpen called the game a great team effort.


“We’ll have to put more shots in the back of the net in future games,” said Thigpen. “We had a lot of shots on goals but couldn’t finish.”

Jefferson County’s point was scored by Warrior Elbert Thomas, aided by Fermin Garcia, Chance Almanza, Christian Hernandez, Juan Hernandez, Dewayne Nickels and Jackson Hildebrant, who kept the Bulldog on their toes throughout the match.

Thigpen attributes the Warriors’ defensive success to Jerry Lattimore, Cole Wright, Adam Perdue, Emmanuel McGee and Willie Lacy.


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