Editorial: We must craft the change we desire

As citizens, we all crave improvements – in our lives, in our communities, our schools and our government. It’s a part of human nature, a part of who we are.
It’s easy to say they. They should do this; and, they should do that. But who is this ubiquitous they?
We are they. You and I. Us and them. Those people over there as well as the person we see when we look in the mirror or take a selfie.
If we want things to get better, we are the ones who must craft change. Not everything needs changing; and, not all change is good.
It’s just that many of us are complacent about stepping up to the plate and taking our turn. There are boards, committees and other groups in our community who need members. That is one place to start making improvements. 
Members of some groups accept appointments. To become a member of some of the others takes winning an election.
If being on a board means obligations you can’t meet, there are other ways to support our community. Attending meetings, giving input and voting are three of these ways.
If you attend a meeting where an interest of yours is being discussed, you may discover the reason things are the way they are. You might discover, for example, the county can’t pave your road because at least one of your neighbors won’t grant the county a right of way. Maybe the city can’t widen a road because it is actually a state highway. Only the state can attend to those roads.
We have an election around the corner. On the ballot for Jefferson County will be the Board of Education Chairman, Board of Education Member districts 1 and 3, and County Commissioner for districts 1 and 3. 
On the Glascock County ballot will be Board of Education Member districts Edgehill and Mitchell.
If you want to run for one of these positions, start thinking about it now. Qualifying is the first full week in March, from the 5th through the 9th.
The election will be held Tuesday, May 22. More voters take advantage of early voting every year. Now is the time to consider what you think is important in our community. Do you want to make a difference; but, for some reason can’t make the commitment required to hold one of these positions? You can still make a difference. You can still make sure your voice is heard. Speak your mind. Make sure your opinions are respresented. And when the day comes, make sure you take advantage of the rights granted to you, vote.