Editorial: Dedication to this community will remain

Last week, our parent company, Morris Communications, announced an agreement to sell the assets of Morris Publishing Group to GateHouse Media. The News and Farmer / The Jefferson Reporter is part of this sale. GateHouse will acquire 11 daily newspapers, numerous other weeklies as well as various online assets.
While we fully expect some internal changes to occur, we at this newspaper remain dedicated to our readers, our community and our mission to provide quality, honest, ethical and objective journalism to the people of Jefferson and Glascock counties.
We believe honesty and trust are at the core of what we provide and that solid journalism is necessary to have an informed public, properly equipped to hold our political leaders responsible for decisions they make that impact our lives. We hold these tenets close to our hearts as we approach everything we write and share with our readers, whether it be in print or online, arriving in your mailbox or your Facebook feed. 
The foundation of each of our articles starts with curiosity. Irish poet and novelist James Stephens said, “Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will.” It is the journalist’s job to conquer fear, to stare into what matters to his or her audience, or what should matter to them, and not look away, to shine a light so that others can see and better understand the way the world works, the ways we are connected, different and the same. 
We, like our readers, want to know. Traditionally, we want to know who, what, where, when, why and how. We want to know how things will impact or have impacted our family and friends, our neighbors, ourselves and our community. 
We want to share facts that empower our readers to get involved and make a difference. Our stories are about your children, your parents, the schools, government, elections and businesses that make our home what it is.
We publish stories and photographs depicting our victories as well as our tragedies. 
We will continue to do those things we do best, to show you what is going on in our community and to keep you informed. 
Gatehouse leaders have spoken of its respect for and dedication to community journalism and we look forward to a long relationship with this distinguished group of newspapers.
While we cannot read the future, we can make a promise that in that future our commitment to you, our readers, will be unwavering.