Letter: Sheriff’s Office has two of whom to be proud

Dear Editor:
We had been to the doctor’s office in Augusta. We knew we were having tire problems; so, we got two new tires on the front of the van. On the way back home, we had a blowout approximately 4 miles from Wrens. We have roadside service with AAA and Farm Bureau. We were sitting on the side of the road for approximately 3 to 4 hours.
We prayed hard for God to send someone to help us. The officers from Jefferson County, Sgt. William Schmidt and Dep. Jason Jones, they were on the other side of the road going in the other direction. This was on the part of Highway 1 where it’s four lanes with a median. For safety reasons, we pulled the van off the road and parked facing the woods. We wanted to make sure whoever came to change our tire was not on the highway. 
We were broke down going into Wrens. The officers turned around and stopped to help us. We needed a tire changed on our van; and it’s hard to change a tire on the van. Those two officers got down on the ground and changed the tire. The spare tire goes underneath the van. They did what they had to do to get us back on the road safely. 
They said we should not go very far on the spare; because, it needed air. They followed us to a gas station; and, they put the air in our tires. They even paid for the air. I was going to; but, they’d already put the quarter in the machine. That department has two they can be proud of. I thank the Lord for them. They had no idea who was in that vehicle. We both are diabetic; but, his is worse. He couldn’t take his medicine; because, we didn’t have food with us. He has to have food when he takes his medicine. 
Those people were good to us. 
I got called back from AAA; but, they said it would be another two hours before anyone could come. Then, after about an hour and a half, we called Farm Bureau. She couldn’t understand where we were. We called around 6 p.m. or after 6 p.m. It was after 9 p.m. when the officers helped us. We were helpless; and, nobody stopped. I’m glad they didn’t stop; because they didn’t know who we were; and, we didn’t know who they were. And you don’t know who anyone is nowadays. 
We wanted to write this letter to open people’s eyes to our officers and what they have to go through. 
When those officers pulled up, we were in a van. We were outside; but, who was inside the van? They didn’t know; but, they stopped and helped us. They went out of their way for us.
Alex and Jackie Coleman,
Harrison, Ga.