Editorial: Help us honor the cornerstones of our community

As each day passes, opportunities to express our appreciation for those around us slip away. Whether it be dedicated city officials, devoted foster parents or helpful neighbors, none of us would be who we are today without the helping hands of others. All too often we wait too long to show our gratitude for contributions that in ways, big or small, help make our communities better.
That is why, each year, The News and Farmer/The Jefferson Reporter dedicates a special section to our Golden Seniors. They are the cornerstones of our community, providing the examples upon which our daily lives are built. They are the teachers who have educated multiple generations of Jefferson and Glascock county families. They are the nurses whose smiling faces soothed suffering patients and the bankers who made buying that first piece of land possible. 
As they grow older, our Golden Seniors continue to provide guidance and support for those around them, lending helping hands and constantly working to preserve tradition. Serving as Sunday school teachers and civic club officers, they offer their time and energy to improve the lives of others. 
Every year we lose more and more of the men and women who shaped our communities and through bettering the place we live, they influenced each of us. We would like to recognize our Golden Seniors in a special section later this month spotlighting their contributions through the eyes of those whose lives they have touched.
We are asking readers to submit a letter sharing a favorite memory of a special time with that person or words of wisdom they passed along and how it impacted your life. Anything that demonstrates their contributions to you or this community. And we would love to have a picture to go along with it. Portrait or snapshot. Old or new.
Readers may make a submission to The News and Farmer/The Jefferson Reporter by Friday, July 14. Drop pictures and information by our Louisville office or email us at parish.howard@morris.com. If you have any questions regarding this section, please call us at (478) 625-7722.
In essence, these seniors give a magnetic quality to Jefferson and Glascock counties, drawing children and grandchildren back to hometowns where neighbors still care. Help us show these valuable members of our community how much they mean to us.