Letter: Citizens thanked for contributing to saving kitten

Dear Editor:
Recently, several Jefferson County residents came through with donations to help with medical bills of a kitten which had to have its leg amputated because it got stuck inside a wooden fence in my back yard. 
Therefore, the following people are to be commended for their donations, kindness and outpouring of concern and support on behalf of Midnight, who is doing just fine running, playing and glad to be alive: Ms. Carol McLeod, Jefferson News and Farmer; Eldon Gordon “Skeeter” who helped get the cat loose; Ms. Ann McGraw; Judge Lampp, County Probate Court; Ms. Gloria MaChalk, Louisville Drugs; Ms. Sandra Clark and Mrs. Lettie Mohammed, Mrs. Blanche Greene, Shekina Baptist Church; Ms. Marie Richardson of City Hall; Mrs. Linda of Twisted Sisters and Mr. Tracy and Mrs. Robbie Walden of the Jefferson County bus shop; Louisville Middle School Principal Mr. Hildebrandt; Mrs. Ronnie of Old Capitol Motors; Ms. Debbie of Jefferson County Finance; and a few more whose names they prefer not be mentioned. 
Thank you all. You’re wonderful human beings who the world needs more of! God bless each and every one of you for the great examples you daily set for our youth to follow.
Sincerely, your friend and sister in Christ,
Teena Hines