Letter: Jefferson County needs its hospital, vote “Yes”

Dear Editor,
Over the years, Jefferson Hospital has been there for me. I am grateful the emergency room was there when I had farming and hunting accidents as it would have been difficult to get to an Augusta facility in a timely manner.  
It was Jefferson Hospital, with the Lord’s grace and Dr. Polhill, that it was discovered I had a brain tumor even though I was in the hospital for other reasons.  And yes, they realized that I needed a specialist and sent me immediately to an Augusta facility. The expertise and speed in handling the transition was amazing.  
Also, Gail and I appreciate the fact Jefferson Hospital was there for our children over the years and saved us time and travel as their medical needs were met on a local level. Just in the past month, I had to utilize the emergency room two times, and I was pleased it was there for me.
Jefferson County needs our hospital for many reasons. Jefferson Hospital has an excellent swing bed program in which some of my family and friends have benefitted. 
Having a hospital in the county can be a plus for newcomers and industry. If the hospital closes, many jobs will be lost and taxpayers will be responsible for the closing cost of the facility. Many do not realize that we will lose all of our clinics throughout the county.
Yes, Jefferson County needs its hospital! I do encourage you to vote “yes”  on Tuesday, March 21. Thank you, Jefferson Hospital, and I pray that we are blessed to always have this fine facility in our county.
John Mole,