Letter: Speeders in grocery store parking lot be warned

Dear Editor:
On a daily basis, from our “Ingle’s Coffee Club” table in Louisville we watch traffic flash by the front entrances (10  or 12 feet from where we sit) of Ingle’s at rates of 35 to 45 MPH. We are all aware that a 3-year was killed by a driver in a Hall County Ingle’s parking lot several weeks ago around noon. Today, Feb. 27, we watched as one of our regulars (a senior citizen) was almost hit by a speeding car and likely would have been seriously injured had he not shown great agility and movement. This is a common occurrence (average of five to six times daily  between 7:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.) and we are still wondering why Ingle’s top management has taken zero steps to eliminate as much of this as practical.
Several months ago when the parking lot was redone all stop signs on posts were removed and were replaced with painted stop signs which should be adequate for the intended purpose but the lanes that parallel the store front are used constantly for drivers cutting through from State Highway 24 and Fred’s Pharmacy to Middleground Road. Apparently all are running late or just love to drive fast along this “thoroughfare” which is only 3 or 4 feet from the store front and almost without fail all children that are not riding inside grocery carts or being carried, dash madly across the traffic lanes without ever looking to see if a vehicle may be bearing down on them. We will do our best to get tag numbers but at the speeds that we see it is extremely difficult to do so. Hopefully somebody can get some law enforcement involved. We will buy them coffee and doughnuts.
We strongly recommend  that if you shop or drink coffee at the Louisville Ingle’s store perhaps you may want to consider leaving your small children and senior citizens at home!
Robert L. Clements
Jack D. Cooper. Sr.
Ray Clements
Hershel Waits