Editorial: Consider the source when it comes to news

When you feel your child is threatened, it is only natural to react with emotion. This newspaper has never suggested anyone should refrain from doing what they personally feel is in the best interest of their loved ones. 
What we have done and will continue to do is recommend that all people do their best to remain calm and rational in moments of crisis. Attempt to use your best judgment, unclouded by the haze of fear and anger to distinguish truth from rumor, and refrain from spreading gossip, hearsay and high-drama “he said/she said” as fact. 

Editorial: We must craft the change we desire

As citizens, we all crave improvements – in our lives, in our communities, our schools and our government. It’s a part of human nature, a part of who we are.
It’s easy to say they. They should do this; and, they should do that. But who is this ubiquitous they?
We are they. You and I. Us and them. Those people over there as well as the person we see when we look in the mirror or take a selfie.
If we want things to get better, we are the ones who must craft change. Not everything needs changing; and, not all change is good.

Letters: Optimist Club thanks supporters of events

Dear Citizens of Jefferson County:
Wrens North Jefferson Optimist Club wishes to thank each of you for being so cooperative in our previous activities which were held in Wrens: the Christmas Tree Lighting, the Christmas Parade and the Toy Drive. With your support we were able to bring some joy into the lives of adults and children. And also the families we assisted with toys for their kids to have a merry Christmas. We thank God for each of you for giving of your time, donations and just being there. Again, thank you. Happy New Year. 

Letter: Murphy thanks sponsors for supporting the Louisville Garden Club

Dear Editor:
On behalf of the members of The Louisville Garden Club, I would like to acknowledge and thank the corporate and business sponsors of our most recent event, The Art of the Nativity: Nativities from around the world, held Saturday, Dec. 2. We had a beautiful day, more than 150 nativities, and a large appreciative crowd. We could not have asked for more. The day, for us, was a complete success, exceeding our expectations and providing additional funds for our many community projects.

Letter: Clements thanks all who helped his wife

Dear Editor:
Around 4 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 28, my wife, Sylvia, called me from the parking lot at Jay’s Hardware in Wrens and said she was too sick to continue driving home to Louisville. 
My brother, Ray, took me to Jay’s. When I got there she was slumped in the driver’s seat, noticeably weak, so I helped her out to take her to the passenger front seat but she passed out and was unresponsive for several minutes. 

Letter: Carroll thanks area church for service

Dear Editor:
I wish to express my appreciation to the members of the Wrens Baptist Church for their caring and sharing especially at this season of the year. The Thanksgiving dinners were  exceptional  and certainly more than sufficient for one meal. And their follow-up visits to express their concern for any physical or spiritual needs we might have showed their genuine caring. 

Letter: Miller offers thanks

Dear Editor:
The apostle Paul reminds us to give thanks in everything. Sometimes that can be hard but I believe that an everyday attitude of thankfulness, as well as an attitude of constant prayer will make our lives less stressful and more abundant. When we find ourselves prone to take everyday blessings for granted we can breathe the child’s prayer, “Father we thank you for the night and for the morning’s pleasant light; for rest and food and loving care and all that makes the world so fair.”

Letter: Clements calls out litterers who cost taxpayers

Dear Editor:
Having noticed the excellent grass mowing, trimming, trash removal, etc. on Federal and State Routes which has been contracted to commercial entities for the last couple of years brings to question how much this is costing the taxpayers (you and me) as opposed to days past when this was done by state employees. 

Letter: Leisure Center directors thank supporters

To the Community of Jefferson County:
In response to National Gratitude Day, we, the members of the Jefferson County Leisure Center, want to THANK all who have worked faithfully and diligently to keep our center operating successfully.  We have truly enjoyed coming here to participate in the many activities/functions.  Without everyone involved, we know that this would not be possible.  Again, thank you.
Tammie Bennett, director
Yolanda Walden, asst. director

Show them our thanks, attend a Veterans Day service

Veterans Day is Saturday; and, there are events in our community for veterans on that day. While these events focus on our veterans, the public is welcome to attend. We encourage everyone, veteran or not, to attend as many of these events as possible.

The American Legion Post 229 will host a Veteran’s Day celebration at the Wrens Veteran’s park on Nov. 10 at 2 p.m. Retired Chief Warrant Officer John Wallace and State Sen. Brian Prince (D-127) are scheduled to speak.

Editorial: Are you thankful? Then say it in the paper

It’s November; and, for us that means our thoughts have turned to Thanksgiving. At this time of year, we ask our readers to share with us why you are thankful. 
First of all, we are thankful for you, our readers. We take pride in our role providing information that is important to people in our community. It may be about the success you or someone you know has had. It may be about someone rarely recognized who deserves our appreciation. It may be about any number of things, whatever is going on in our community.

Editorial: Trick or Treat is Tuesday, have fun but be safe

Halloween is one of those holidays that stir controversy.
Some think it’s a fun day for children; some think it’s mired in pagan tradition.
Whatever you think, children will be out Tuesday  night, dressed in costumes, ringing doorbells and asking for candy.
Area law enforcement advises parents to check the candy, stay away from houses that look suspicious and check the Sex Offenders Registry. Stay away from any addresses on that list.

Editorial: Tie one off

This month is when we have Red Ribbon Week, a time set aside for alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and violence prevention awareness. The campaign is observed in the United States every year in October.
Red Ribbon Week began after the kidnapping, brutal torture and murder of a DEA agent, Enrique “Kiki” Camarena in 1985. After the bodies of Camarena and his pilot, Alfredo Zavala-Avelar, were found, citizens in Camarena’s hometown of Calexico, Calif., donned red ribbons in Camarena’s honor. 


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