Editorial: Let’s celebrate our heritage

This Saturday, March 25, is a day the Jefferson County Historical Society will hold a program in downtown Louisville that we all should attend.
From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. that day, people will demonstrate primitive crafts and skills. We’ll have an opportunity to watch woodcarving, quilting, crocheting, blacksmithing, making butter and making pottery as well as other activities.
Historical Society President Patricia Edwards said there will be old tractors, Indian artifacts, a black powder gun, Creek Indian lore, music and food.

Letter: Jefferson County Leisure Center January events

Dear Editor: 
Even though it was a “Rainy Night in Georgia” on Friday, January 6, 2017, the Jefferson County Leisure Center seniors had a shining time at their first Seniors Night Out affair.  In spite of the heavy rain, they came, danced, sang, and ate heartily.  Some even played board games.  The old year holds many precious memories of activities for the clients at the JCLC, but the new one will hold a great deal more.

Editorial: Vote yes March 21

Tuesday, March 21, we have to go to the polls and vote yes. And we should not go alone. Encourage your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers to do the same.
The referendum asks Jefferson County residents to give commissioners the assent to raise the millage rate by up to 3 mills to support the financial operations of Jefferson Hospital. 

Letter: Lauderdale family offers thanks

To the editor:
On behalf of the extended family of the Rev. George S. Lauderdale, we want to thank editor Parish Howard and the staff of The News and Farmer for publishing my husband’s weekly devotional for 30 years, right up to his passing on March 6.
We also are grateful for the countless acts of kindness to George from this community over the years. We thank the staff at the Keysville Nursing Home and the loving congregation of Ebenezer Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.

Letter: American people fear or faith

Dear Editor:
Read: Numbers Chapter 13
A) Running from fear or chasing your dreams
B) Running From fear: Five things the devil tries to stop you at.
1. Have you serving small gods.
2. Having no faith.
3. Looking at big giants (problems).
4. Having you discourage .
5. A land that eateth up the inhabitants. 
C) Chasing your dreams: Five things you have to have in your heart.
1. Serve a big God.
2. Have faith.

Guest Editorial: Support our hospital and our economic development

Please go out to vote and vote YES for county support of Jefferson Hospital.  The need for a local community hospital is clear.  If our hospital did not exist, local healthcare would be lost as well as resulting in our whole community/county suffering greatly.  In the event of trauma and emergency, I shudder at the thought of having to drive or be transported at least 25 miles (29 minutes) to some other hospital.

Letter: Parents are the problem

Dear Editor:
As a retired teacher, I am sick of people who know nothing about public schools or have not been in a classroom recently deciding how to fix our education system.
The teachers are not the problem! Parents are the problem! They are not teaching their children manners, respect or even a general knowledge of how to get along with others. The children come to school in shoes that cost more than the teacher’s entire outfit, but have no pencil or paper. Who provides them? The teachers often provide them out of their own pockets.

Editorial: Parental Accountability Court in action

It’s a game changer; and, one we’re glad to see. 
Parental Accountability Court (PAC) is a program designed as a means to help parents behind on their child support become self-sufficient, moving from being a burden on the courts to a person who not only can pay but who does pay child support.
We join Jefferson County Chief Superior Court Judge Kathy Palmer, Wadley Police Chief Jimmy Butts and Jefferson County Sheriff Gary Hutchins in welcoming the PAC program to the county.

Lette: Mincey offers prayer to help overcome personal giants

Dear Editor:
What are your giants?
A bad habit you can’t break?
Temptation you can’t resist?
A difficult marriage?
A drug-abusing son or daughter?
Can’t find a job?
Having health problems?
Are your children being rebellious?
Are you drowning in debt?
Can’t get a finance breakthrough?
Have you lost a loved one through a relationship or death?

Letter: Georgia legal community mourns loss of Rick Malone

To the Editor:
On behalf of the State Bar of Georgia, I would like to extend condolences to the family, colleagues and many friends of former Middle Judicial Circuit District Attorney Richard A. “Rick” Malone, a resident of Jesup who also served as executive director of the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Counsel of Georgia, on his recent and very untimely passing.

Editorial: Rethink, regroup and renew

We received a phone call from a reader about Jefferson County’s Relay For Life being canceled. 
First of all, Jefferson County did not cancel the Relay. It was canceled for us. 
Second, we are disappointed. One person we interviewed said she felt abandoned. 
The phone call we got was from a reader in Claxton. She had a few interesting things to say. The county where she resides had its Relay canceled several years ago.
This is what they did.
They started their own version of the Relay. 

Letter: Optimists thank community for support of holiday programs

To the Wrens Community:
Please accept our sincere gratitude of thanks for your help during our December activities. Your support showed you cared.
Friday, Dec. 2, 2016 we held the annual lighting of the Christmas tree. The program was informative, entertaining and fun. Wrens Middle School band gave us Christmas songs and Greater St. Matthews and Harts Grove Praise Team was great. 

Letter: Georgia’s GRAD sites invite economic development

Dear Editor:
Accelerating the time to market has never been a more critical site selection factor for companies than it is now. Shovel-ready, certified sites – particularly land tracts that have all the requisite zoning, permit approvals and utilities in place – go to the top of the short list when corporations are on a fast track to select a facility location.


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