Redeemed Automotive opens shop: News business in long-time dealership location is a testimony to couple’s faith in God and prayer

For Gary and Mandi Edwards, Redeemed Automotive is more than a business, it is an exercise in faith and a testimony to their trust in God. 
The couple recently cut the ribbon on their newly opened automotive shop located at the corner of Broad and Peachtree streets in downtown Louisville in the old Henderson Chevrolet building. 
The automotive shop offers a number of services including work on tires, brakes, oil changes, maintenance, tuning, water pumps and starters.
“Basically anything outside the engine,” Gary said. “I do some paint and body work as well and I’m looking to bring some of that in here too. Stuff like deer hits and fender benders. I’ll probably stay away from the all over paint jobs and just focus on the smaller stuff. I just want to be able to help get folks back on the road quickly and help them out.”
Both husband and wife point up when asked what brought them to Louisville.
“About four years ago we decided we were going to stop trying to do anything on our own,” Mandi said. “We were going to pray and wherever God leads, we decided we would just do it.”
From that day to this, she said, they have done all they could to follow the path they felt their Lord was leading them down, even if they did not exactly know where it was going. 
“To be completely willing to go wherever He leads, with whatever doors open up, it was probably the scariest thing we’ve ever done,” Mandi said. “Neither of us have any family over here, no connections. We knew one person, Wiley Evans.” 
And they did not know him well. Mandi, who was a dental hygienist, said he was a client of hers. 
“One day I was cleaning his teeth and he told me about a house next door that was for sale,” she said. 
Neither she nor her husband even knew where Bartow was. Gary had not long started his own trucking business, Redeemed Trucking, hauling logs. Things just kept falling into place and Gary said it felt like God was pushing him in this direction.
Mandi said one day they were passing through Louisville and saw the building with the previous owner’s antique displays in the window. He just liked the look of the place.
All his life, Gary had worked on his own vehicles. In the logging industry, he learned a good bit about diesel work and heavy equipment. Mandi’s father taught his about paint and body.
“We started praying about this and for people who were going week to week paying bills, God started opening up extra loads for him with his truck and we started having extra income to put back,” Mandi said. “Everything we’ve done the past few years to get over here, when we prayed about it, God opened the right doors and we went for it.”
The couple began the process of reopening the shop this fall and it officially opened for business Dec. 1.
In addition to the services, the shop also carries a line of other small engine products.
“We are incorporating chainsaws, weed eaters and trimmers, generators, lawnmower blades, whatever lawn care stuff you need we want to carry it or be where we can get it,” Gary said. 
To accommodate citizens work hours, Redeemed has extended its hours and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. 
“We just want to help people take care of their vehicles so they can get back on the road as quickly as possible,” Gary said. “Through this whole thing we’ve been stepping out on faith and we hope we can be of as much help as possible.”