Fight and rumor disrupt school day at JCHS: No weapons or drugs found in subsequent searches of school grounds

Despite rumors and information an area TV station mistakenly posted on social media Sunday, Feb. 4, no weapon was found at Jefferson County High School nor threat of mass violence was made; although, there was a fight Monday morning involving 21 students. 
“No serious injuries were sustained. No weapons involved. All students involved will be taken to Disciplinary Tribunal for final disposition of charges,” said Jefferson County School Board Superintendent Dr. Molly Howard.
Dr. Alan Long, the high school’s principal, said the children involved in the fight were all out of the building by 9 a.m. Monday.
“All of them had consequences. Each one will have a tribunal hearing. They have been suspended until tribunal,” Long said. He explained it is standard procedure that a student facing a tribunal hearing will be suspended until the hearing when further action, if any, is determined.
“There was one fight that involved 21 students stemming from an altercation that happened at a party in the community over the weekend,” Howard said in a statement.
“They were all removed from the school immediately.”
The fight broke out in the common’s area at 7:48 a.m. and was brought under control by 7:54 a.m., just before first period began.
“One juvenile student was arrested and charges will be taken on other students as deemed appropriate,” Howard said.
The school has surveillance video of the incident and school and law enforcement officials will continue to review it to determine who else, if anyone, will be charged and what the charges will be, a law enforcement official said.
“This high school was ranked by U.S. News and World Report as one of the best schools in America. I’ll stand by that,” Long said. “There will be consequences and repercussions for actions that were wrong yesterday (Monday).”
Howard said all of the students will remain suspended pending the tribunal. 
“This behavior will not be tolerated,” she said.
Law enforcement was back at the school on Tuesday morning with drug and ballistic-detecting K9 units as a precautionary measure, Howard said.
“The building, lockers, classrooms and cars in the parking lot were searched,” Howard said. “After a thorough search no drugs or weapons of any type were found.
“The search was done  as a proactive measure and deterrent. The school was placed on soft lockdown during the search which is protocol when dogs are in the building. We plan to continue to do random searches as a preventative measure and as a deterrent.” 
Howard said that parents will be notified every time a search is conducted and that they will be told if any drugs or weapons are found.
“The safety of your child is our school system’s priority,” Howard said. “First and foremost.”