Elaborate pot operation raided: Operation was capable of producing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of drugs every few months

Deputies with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office found several marijuana plants growing inside a residence located on the 11,000 block of Zebina Road between Wrens and Louisville Sunday evening, Feb. 4.
Capt. Robert Chalker, an investigator with JCSO, said more than 50 pounds of marijuana had been processed and packaged for distribution.
“There were also approximately 50 plants seized that were not mature enough to harvest,” he stated.
Law enforcement officers spent more than 12 hours at the residence gathering marijuana as well as the equipment and supplies used to grow the drug.
“One loaded shotgun was also recovered from inside the residence,” Chalker stated.
“The men were operating a sophisticated marijuana-growing operation inside the residence capable of producing hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of illegal substance every few months.”
Two men were taken into custody at the residence.
They have been identified as Ricardo L. Perez Verdeal, 49, of Augusta and Yasel Pino Orozco, 27. 
Law enforcement said Orozco said he is homeless and from Cuba.
As of press time Tuesday, the men were still in custody awaiting formal charges, which Chalker said should be later Tuesday.