Whitestone Transportation celebrates one year anniversary in Louisville

One year ago this month Whitestone Transportation LLC took over live chicken hauling operations for Coastal Processing in Louisville and company officials say they excited about what the future holds. 
“We’re celebrating our one year anniversary in Louisville as the contracted trucking company for Coastal Processing,” said Neil Anderson, Whitestone’s Customer Relations Manager. “We’ve completed our first year successfully and look forward to many more with Coastal Processing hauling live poultry into the plant.”
The family owned and operated asset-based trucking business based in Mississippi has been hauling chickens for more than 10 years and the Louisville operation is its second terminal added in the last three years. 
“When we took over Coastal was in dire need of someone to come in and successfully and efficiently transport the birds from the southeast regional farms into the plant,” Anderson said. “Whitestone has had a great year. Although there were some bumps in the road, we have overcome and endured with a great group of drivers.”
Whitestone is currently operating its local Georgia division with over two dozen employees, including Georgia Live Haul Manager Patrick McNeill and Dispatcher Tamika Swiney. McNeill is a long-time employee and former driver with the company and Swiney is from Louisville.
“These two make a great team,” Anderson said. “They work well with the driver fleet and understand the operation.”
The company has purchased five more 2018 model International trucks to increase the productivity of the fleet which now includes 20 vehicles. 
“Whitestone is dedicated to insuring excellent equipment and we are looking forward in the near future to having a maintenance shop and drivers’ lounge built on site,” Anderson said. “This project should be underway this fall.”
The trucking company offers its employees paid vacations, health, dental and vision insurance, a life insurance policy as well as disability, accident and critical illness insurance.
“The safe and expeditious transport of the live poultry into Coastal Processing is Whitestone’s goal,” Anderson said.
“The Georgia project has become a tremendous success because of the support of the Louisville community, the dedicated drivers and the employees that consistently supply the processing plant. It’s hard to believe a year has passed. Whitestone looks forward to many more successful and productive years working with Coastal Processing.”