Rodriguez Brown sought after third chase in a year

After the third chase in about a year, Wrens police officers are looking for 30-year-old Rodriguez Brown, formerly of Rincon, who jumped out of one vehicle and stole another to elude officers Sunday afternoon.
Brown, who was wanted on several active and outstanding felony warrants, was seen riding in a vehicle driven by 21-year-old Jakeria Murray, Sunday evening. 
Wrens Officer Matthew Morin said he pulled behind the vehicle and activated his blue lights. He said that while the vehicle turned on its blinker, it continued to move forward on Center Street. With the vehicle still in motion, Brown got out and ran into the Pine Valley Apartments area. 
When the officer left his vehicle to pursue Brown, his cruiser rolled forward and bumped the car it had been chasing, leaving two small holes in the rear bumper from screws in the patrol car’s front tag. Wrens Police Chief Garry McCord said there was no damage to the cruiser. 
After chasing Brown around the parking lot, Morin said he saw Brown enter a white Pontiac G6 and leave with it down Center Street towards Zebina at a high rate of speed.
“The vehicle’s door was open and the owner had left the keys in the vehicle while they ran into an apartment there,” McCord said. “ He stole the vehicle.”
As of Monday, the Pontiac G6 had not been recovered.
Murray, the driver of the car vehicle that Brown was originally riding it, was arrested and charged with hindering apprehension or punishment of a criminal and fleeing in attempt to elude a police officer.
In addition to the vehicle theft and eluding an officer charges from Sunday, Brown in also being sought on fleeing and attempting to elude and reckless driving charges from a March incident where officers said he ran from them, driving at a high rate of speed through several residents’ yards with his girlfriend’s 3-year-old son in the back seat with no child restraint. Brown also fled officers in September of last year, eventually abandoning his vehicle and losing officers on foot in a wooded area.
“It’s hard to catch him in a car because he takes unnecessary risks and we don’t like taking unnecessary risks,” McCord said. “And it’s hard to catch him on foot because, well, we aren’t as fast as he can be.”
McCord thanked local citizens who have helped apprehend dangerous criminals in the past and encouraged anyone with information on Brown’s whereabouts to contact the Wrens Police Department. All tips will be kept confidential.