Wrens man killed in fire

As of Tuesday the state crime lab was still working to confirm that the body discovered in a burning single-wide mobile home in Wrens Sunday morning are the remains of 37-year-old LaConte Lowe. 
Wrens Fire Chief Keith Boulineau said that the home, located at 100 Oak Street, was more than 50 percent engaged with flame when his firemen arrived on the scene at 3:08 a.m. According to his report heavy smoke and fire were showing from three sides of the structure and the roof had collapsed on that end.
 “We know the fire started in the kitchen, but as far as what started it, that’s still under investigation,” Boulineau said. “On the stove, under the right front eye, was a puddle of aluminum that had melted. For it to melt it’s got to get really hot.”
The fire was in the kitchen and the remains, believed to be Lowe, were found on a couch in the adjacent living room area and near the front door.
Coroner Ed James said that it is protocol for any physically unidentifiable body to go to the state crime lab and while awaiting results, the investigation into the fire is ongoing and cause of death has not been determined. 
This is the second mobile home fire to result in an injury or death in this neighborhood in the last 14 months. In March of 2016 a Wrens man was treated for burns across his chest and abdomen after his Oak Street mobile home burned.
Boulineau encourages all residents to keep batteries in their smoke detectors and that it is best to have them in every room. 
“Lowe’s girlfriend was in here earlier and she said that there were smoke detectors in the house, but that they didn’t work,” Boulineau said. “Smoke detectors are an important part of staying safe, especially in some of these older mobile homes.”