Louisville updates golf cart ordinance: Drivers license now required to operate carts on city streets

Louisville city council updated the city’s golf cart ordinance in February. It became effective March 1.
“The main problem is just abuse; and, that’s why we had to revisit the ordinance,” Louisville Mayor Larry Morgan said. 
Morgan said the changes address a variety of issues, including a minimum age for the driver and insurance.
Louisville Police Chief Jimmy Miller said the biggest problem for the city was unlicensed individuals operating golf carts in the city and not following the rules of the road. 
“Unlicensed minors were still operating carts with parental knowledge on the city streets, which created an opportunity for them to become injured or killed if involved in an accident with a motor vehicle,” Miller said. 
“We also noticed that persons who lost their right to drive a motor vehicle in the State of Georgia were applying for Golf Cart Permits. The same laws that apply to motor vehicles also apply to any other vehicle that is operated on the streets and highways of the State of Georgia. This brought forth the requirement of a valid Driver’s License and having insurance on the golf cart. Annual renewal of the permits will allow for the inspection of the carts and verification of their Driver’s License and insurance,” the chief said.
Miller said the same rules of the road that apply to operating a motor vehicle applies to a golf cart.
“We want to make sure that the operators of the golf carts conduct themselves the same way as if they were operating a motor vehicle. With the public following these changes in the ordinance, hopefully, it will create a safer environment for not only the cart operators, but also the motoring public,” he said.
Initial registration for a cart requires the owner to pay $15 to the city. Separate registration is required for each cart. 
For more information about the ordinance or registration, contact Louisville’s city clerk at (478) 625-8897.