County extends EMS contract

Jefferson County Commissioners voted in a recent meeting to extend its contract with Gold Cross EMS to provide emergency medical services to the county.
The original contract began May 1, 2014, and ended April 30 of this year. An option allows the county to extend the contract by up to two additional one-year terms. In March, the commissioners heard a recommendation from Adam Mestres, the then county administrator.
Mestres told the board Gold Cross asked about a new, five-year contract; however, because of the time frame, the administrator recommended the board exercise its right to extend the contract for another year. This would give the board time to discuss the current contract and any contract proposed by Gold Cross.
A motion was made to accept Mestres’ recommendation; and, it was passed unanimously.
Frank Lindley, chief financial officer of Gold Cross, said in an interview Tuesday he was not surprised. The county has a new administrator; and, with that comes a transition period.
“With Adam (Mestres) leaving, everything was kind of in turmoil,” Lindley said. “We’re fine. We’re going to continue like we are.”
“Jefferson Hospital and Gold Cross have worked well together in the past to serve the needs of the community. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Gold Cross in the future,” Lou Semrad, Jefferson Hospital CEO, said this week. 
“We’re happy to be serving people in Jefferson County,” Lindley said.