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January 29, 2015 Issue

Stage added to Louisville park
100 days in
School gets $10K check from Georgia Power

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Stage added to Louisville park

Tyler Copeland

The Helen Clark Memorial Park has been the host of many community events, namely the Buzzard Blast; an annual small town festival to get together with other locals. The festival supports local music and cuisine.

Mayor Larry Morgan said community events, such as the Buzzard Blast, are the main purpose for the stage’s construction.


Morgan said these community events are a part of the long-term plan for the project.

“The stage has been on everyone’s mind since the park got there,” said Morgan.

The stage has been on City Hall’s official agenda for around five years; construction finally started in November 2014.

The City of Louisville had to do very little prep work for the construction to begin. This is a direct result of the location of the stage.

Morgan said the location was not only economical, it also provided the most viewing space. The other location considered for the stage would have required much more time and preparation.

The project was originally scheduled to take six months; but, Morgan said the project is currently ahead of schedule.

Veracity Construction recently finished laying brick around the 21-foot x 35-foot base of the stage. The company is now awaiting the arrival of truss and lumber to complete the roof of the structure.

The stage is currently set to be complete and suitable for use in March, Morgan said.

The funding of the project came from SPLOST money saved over time.

Currently, there are plans to install lighting fixtures and outlets to the structure.

The original quote on the stage was around $168,000, which was $30,000 more than what the City of Louisville had budgeted for the year. The city cut out enough to fit the budget and intends to make additions to the project when the funds are readily available.

The mayor said all of the wood in the stage is cyprus.

“It’s built to last,” he said.

It is currently unknown if the stage will be available for private bookings. City officials will have to come to a consensus on a set of guidelines for its use.

100 days in

Students across Jefferson and Glascock counties celebrated their 100th day of school last week. Kindergarteners focused on counting to the three-digit number by grouping and doing other activities such as leaping like a frog for 100 seconds.


School gets $10K check from Georgia Power

By Carol McLeod

Andrew Von Plinsky, a Georgia Power key account manager, presented Jefferson County School Board Superintendent Dr. Molly Howard with a check for $10,740.28 Thursday, Jan. 15.

The check represents an incentive to the board for its use of energy efficient items in the new Louisville Academy building.


Von Plinsky said the Energy Efficiency Program has been in place for three years, since its approval by the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC).

“The Georgia PSC has allowed Georgia Power to offer this program to residential and commercial customers that are either building new or renovating existing properties,” Von Plinsky said.

“This EE Program is available only to Georgia Power customers. Customers have received information on this program in their monthly bills. We encourage customers to request an energy audit on their business or home in order to find out how much energy they are using and where,” he said.

“We believe an educated, informed customer will be better equipped to make energy improvements. Our EE Program, while not designed to pay for these improvements, will help offset the initial cost and lower customer’s bills from that moment forward,” Von Plinsky said.

“The construction-related check was put back into the construction account and will help cover construction costs of the new Louisville Academy,” said Renee Weeks, the school board’s comptroller.

Howard said she appreciates the incentive check from Georgia Power.

“But the real benefit of having built an energy efficient facility will be the energy savings we will receive in the years to come,” she said.

Von Plinsky said one of the items the school board had installed is a type of lighting that is energy efficient. “It’s over and above standard requirements. Equally important is they installed motion sensors that will turn off lights in rooms not being used; and, that’s big,” he said. “Each incentive is individually tailored and is based on things like the size of the building and its age. It comes down to the kilowatt hours saved.”

Von Plinsky said getting started in the program is easy.

“Just call 1-877-310-5607 and tell us you are interested in our Energy Audit and Energy Efficiency programs,” he said.

Customers may also visit Georgia Power online, www.georgiapower.com/homeimprovements for residential customers and www.georgiapower.com/commercialsavings for commercial customers.

“For more information on incentives and how they are calculated, call us or visit us online,” Von Plinsky said.

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