Flower shop opens in Wrens: Something Wonderful is family operation for Sawden and McCoys

Cynthia Sawden has childhood memories of falling asleep on the floor of a florist shop on the night before Valentines, the dazzle of blossoms and heady mix of scents from fresh cut flowers coloring her dreams.
Her mother Michelle McCoy was a licensed floral designer for years in downtown Wrens, and so it was not a surprise when Cynthia took up the trade herself five years ago.
Last week, Cynthia and her parents, Michelle and Fernandias McCoy, cut the ribbon on a new family venture, Something Wonderful Flowers, Gifts and More, located at 205 E. Broad Street in Wrens, in the very building where it all started.
“I grew up in this business,” Cynthia said. “Actually, it was this same building. I think some of it came by natural talent and the rest just fell into place.”
She said that she started out tying bows while the older women arranged flowers. 
“I remember being a little girl and walking in the cooler and it would be so cold in there and all those buckets of flowers. They were amazing,” Cynthia said. 
Fernandias said that he has been encouraging the family to open such a shop for years, and that the time seemed right.
Michelle said she felt Wrens really needed a flower shop and was excited to go into business with her family.
“Fernandias kept asking, what are we going to do, and I finally said, ‘I think we can make something wonderful,’” Michelle said. “We started tossing names around and it kept coming back to that, and that’s where the name came from.”
While the store offers a wide variety of gift items including housewares, some clothing, purses and jewelry, Cynthia says that it is first and foremost a flower shop.
“I enjoy the creativity part, creating arrangements, wreaths, funeral work, whatever the occasion may be,” she said. “Every day in a flower shop is totally different. You never know what’s going to be on the other end of that phone call or what someone is going to come in and say that’s got you doing something totally different.
“But, you definitely think about the person on the other end of the phone and their personality. You think about what that person likes and you want it to look like the person who sent it.”
She loves the variety and the individual touch she gives each arrangement.
“Flowers are like your children, they all have a personality,” Michelle said. “Sometimes you want it to go this way but this hydrangea, it wants to go that way.”
Cynthia says her mother has always had a green thumb and Fernadias says both Michelle and Cynthia have both always loved shiny things.
“They’re always putting stuff together,” he said. “Cynthia has been right there with her mama doing all of that since she was knee high to a bullfrog.”
Something Wonderful stands ready to offer customers arrangements for weddings, funerals, birthdays, special occasions. 
“Or, ‘I’m in the doghouse and really need your help’,” Michelle said. “Really, we can offer you something for every occasion. I think you could call Cynthia and she can put together anything you want. I feel like if you said you wanted a blue cow, she’d find a way to get you a blue cow.”
With a caterer in the family, and Fernandias’ long-time DJ operation, Cynthia says they are hoping to put together plans to offer all inclusive package deals for weddings and other events.
“We also want to help with perpetual care at the cemeteries,” Michelle said. “Maybe you live somewhere else and you don’t get back as often as you’d like. It’s sad when you go by a cemetery and there’s nothing or there are flowers that have been there forever.” 
Cynthia said she looks forward to working with the other retail shops in Wrens to promote all local business and hopes to plan some events that will attract more shoppers to the Wrens area.
“There was a definite need here for a local florist who knows the community,” Cynthia said. 
She’s glad to have the opportunity to serve and just in time for Valentines.