Schoolhouse Players present “An Evening of Culture”

Special Report
The Schoolhouse Players continue the season with another revival of a classic schoolhouse hit.  Following on the heels of the summer revival of Driving Miss Daisy, the players are proud to present “An Evening of Culture.” After a decade this show returns and features one of the original cast members to boot.  Mary Sue Rachels is excited to be portraying a new role in this production as the ever serious and slightly caustic Mildred Carson.  The town of Mineola in Faith County , USA has a theater production going and everyone has something to contribute.  
Mary Sue is joined by a cast of new and returning players including her grand daughter Molly Rachels who was seen earlier this year in Tom Sawyer.  Molly will provide the ying to Mildred’s yang as the bubbly Naomi.  Another veteran of the schoolhouse stage returning is Bill Kittterman who has appeared recently in How Speir Turned Out” as well as many others.  Bill takes on the role of Delbert the Hapless stage builder and jack of all trades.  Crystal Lewis of “Cinderella” fame as the fairy god-mother returns in the role of Faye McFaye who has a mission in mind (you will need to come see to find out). Brylie Handy takes on the role of ever-tried Violet, the director of Mineola’s production of “Romeo and Juliet.”  New to the Bartow stage are JCHS student Bethany Rodgers of Matthews as Ruthanne the preachers wife,Matthew McCoy of Wadley playing Luther the town Mechanic and hubby of Naomi and Brett Driggers Jr of Midville as the dynamic Bubba Bedford with the most captivating rendition of Romeo to hit Mineola ever.  
The Players are honored as always to bring this revival to life to give everyone something to laugh about and enjoy.  we are blessed with the support of many volunteers backstage and through out the community. Be sure to not miss this once in a decade revival of “ An Evening of Culture”. a show about the real behind the scenery look at theater.  It might just convince you to join a cast soon.  Play dates are Sept. 15, 16, 22, 23, 24 in the Mancin Auditorium in Bartow.