Edie Pundt retires from bank

Edie Pundt has been an integral part of Jefferson County all of her life. 
She has been a member of the Wadley City Council, the Wadley Development Authority and the Jefferson County Development Authority. 
After almost 50 years in the banking industry, she retired Wednesday, Aug. 2, from Queensborough National Bank & Trust Co. She had been executive vice president and part of branch administration. She was a member of the board of directors of the holding company for Queensborough and a member of the executive management team.
Her dedication to the bank and her community cannot be overstated. 
“What a pleasure it’s been to work with her for all my banking career,” said Bill Easterlin, the bank’s president. 
“She trained me as a teller in 1976. She taught me banking,” he said and added Pundt had been with the bank for 48 years.
Pundt began working for the Bank of Wadley as a stenographer before technology made shorthand obsolete.
“They were looking for somebody who could take dictation,” she said. She moved from one job to another. “Wherever I was needed.”
At that time, she was working for Sam Chapman. Later, the bank would merge with Queensborough.
“She looked for processes and procedures that needed to be improved. In doing so, she corrected problems before I even knew about them,” Easterlin said. “That’s what she did for me, correct things before they got to be a problem.”
Pundt said she enjoyed working at the bank.
“It’s been wonderful,” she said. “It was a great place to work. I couldn’t have asked for a better place. They really gave me an opportunity to advance.”
Pundt said the bank now helps employees who want to attend college.
“We have encouraged everybody who wanted to further their education to go to school. The better education they got, the better they are for us.”
A reception for Pundt was held at Queensborough’s Wadley branch Aug. 2.
“It was wonderful. We had over 200 people I’m sure to attend. That’s how many people signed the book. It was really nice,” she said. 
Her future includes continuing her work with the county’s development authority; but, as far as plans, she said she has none. Except for one thing.
“We are going to take a trip to Alaska next spring,” she said and added this will be a cruise. 
This will be her first trip to the state. 
“That was on my bucket list,” she said. 
Pundt addressed what her career has meant to her.
“It was some of the greatest memories of my life. It really was,” she said. “It was great for me; and, I hope, it was great for them.”