December 12, 2013 Issue


There’s nothing like it

Dear Editor:

There’s nothing like being home for the holidays. Whether that is up the road an hour or two, down the interstate or an airplane ride across the country. When I was a little younger, I took being home during the holidays for granted. I did not realize that one day work schedules, responsibilities and a family of my own would so drastically alter what I had grown accustomed to.

This past Thanksgiving, I had the chance to break away from the city, my work and my daily routines. I got to go back to the place that I call home. That place is Louisville. I was there for two days during Thanksgiving weekend. Although my wife was not able to make it, my daughter and I made the most of our time off with a trip to the “old farmstead.”



Once I was “home,” I was expecting to relax with my sisters for a bit, but that was not the case. I found myself going right back out the door. A small dove shoot which consisted of my stepdad, brothers-in-law and myself was followed by an oyster roast celebrating my friends and their new engagement to be wed. Hanging out with family and friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen in years, was very much needed for the soul. Spiritual and mental medicine if you will.

As I was walking across a field with a trusty old .20 gauge shotgun, I realized what was really happening. We were not out there waiting for birds to fly over so we might have our chance at them, we were out on the farm . . . with family, old and new. We were enjoying the beginning of a beautiful holiday season back home. As I had this thought of happiness, I could not help but to miss my wife and wish that she could have made the trip with us.

There’s something about being home. Time slows down, stress leaves me and bonds that seem so far away grow closer without even realizing it. So, this holiday season, whether you spend it out in the country or in a big city, take a minute out of the rat race and soak it up. These moments pass us by all too quickly. If you only open your eyes, ears and your heart you will realize that there is nothing like it.

Boone Blackmon

Gift of no income tax

Grandparents: a Christmas gift suggestion for your grandchildren. Like most other gifts given your grandchildren, it’s something you’ve never experienced. Unlike your previous gifts its value is priceless; it will last all their lives and benefit future generations. The gift: an America with no income tax and without the evil IRS.

The income tax has been a thorn in your side since you first went to work. Over the years, you’ve spent many hours preparing your income tax returns. Even now you are probably gathering receipts and such for that annual task. You can spare your grandchildren this drudgery.

The IRS which you have despised, and feared, will be an even greater threat to your grandchildren. The IRS now openly targets groups considered to be unfriendly to the federal government. It’s used as a political weapon to keep would-be dissidents “whipped into shape.” It plays favorites, grants “tax favors” to special interests and well-connected people; all stemming from actions of our congressmen; yours and mine.

You know from experience it’s true. But it doesn’t have to be for our grandchildren. Let’s take back our country! Work to defeat your incumbent congressmen in his/her 2014 primary. Do it for your grandkids.

Glen E Terrell
Arlington, TX


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