November 21, 2013 Issue


Veterans offer thanks

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor: The veterans of Jefferson County would like to thank the city of Wadley, Easter Seals, The News and Farmer/The Jefferson Reporter, WPEH, local television announcement service and the VA Administration for the support you gave the veterans for their Oct. 18, 2013 Veteran’s Health Fair.



Again, thank you all and others that supported it.

Your Vets!

Kara Pringle and Jefferson County veterans

D’Antignac responds to letter on Rep. Party

It struck me funny that someone wanted to remind your readers about the GOP pachyderms’ near demise. The newspapers, blogs, rags and mags across this great nation are reporting what every one has seen and heard for the last five years, and especially, before, during and after their famous government-shut-down.

It’s true what the writer said about the waiting time for the elephant boneyard, but the waiting is almost over with the mid-terms 2014 elections and the general 2016 election almost upon them. You can almost smell the pachyderm bones scattered all across the nation, especially in the House of Representatives.

As for the GOP sneezing, all one has to do is watch the far (Tea Party) right of their party to see where the likes of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz has led, or should I say, taken them. The true conservatives act as if they’re the minority in their own party. The few who aren’t afraid of Cruz or Paul are call RINO. For those that don’t know, it means…“Republicans in name only.”

They are in a war within their own party, and the writer said the liberal media is to blame. Anyone that has been keeping up with not only their local plus national politics, especially should know the government-shut-down cost America’s economy $24 billion. You do the math. For a party that loves to brag about saving you, your kids, and especially your grandkids future, $24 Billions is a lot of loss revenue, and if we the people don’t know who to blame, we should not be blaming the media, because we don’t vote for or against them, period.

Now here’s the laughable part of the letter...”In my opinion, the GOP has any of a half dozen male or female candidates, for that matter, potential presidential candidates who could grace 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in a magnificent manner and intellectual splendor.” Why laughable you ask?

Well, Chris Christie just won re-election in the blue state of New Jersey. Every republican and Tea Party blog or site I checked was calling him every dirty name you could think of. Some even called him a liberal rino. Here’s a republican conservative guy that just won in a blue state by 60 percent and they don’t want him as their man to confront the potential democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for 2016. They heaped all kind of praises on that loser Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia, who with the help of the Tea Party stole the nominating process from the Lt. Governor, who in my opinion, would have won Virginia back for the republicans.

Here’s hoping they continue to in-fight with each other. Hopefully the mid-terms will decide once and for all, who’s running the Republican Party. Or will they become the Republican Tea Party after 2014. If it’s the latter, they’re doomed until the republican conservatives can take it back after the 2018 mid-terms or 2020 general election.

Clyde D’Antignac
Future Wadley Resident

Relative of Kenneth Murchison England sought

We are looking for a relative of Kenneth Murchison England, Ph.D., whose hometown was Wadley, but who lived in Atlanta where he taught English and southern literature at Georgia State University for almost 40 years. But we felt that the readers of The News and Farmer and Wadley Herald might know a relative of Dr. England. At Georgia State, he was a chapter advisor to Sigma Nu Fraternity for 37 years, until his death in 1992, and was greatly admired by the Brothers of Sigma Nu.

Dr. England never married, but he had two aunts living at his home in Wadley around 1960 and I believe he had a brother who had a son (Dr. England’s nephew) and they lived in the greater Atlanta region.

I just published an 80-page historical narrative on Sigma Nu at Georgia State and Dr. England is one of the featured people in my history and I’d like to send a free copy to someone in the England family.

My email address is ronkill@gmail.com so you can send me any information you have on any relative of Dr. England without cost.

I sincerely appreciate any help anyone can give.

Ronald K. Hill
Beacon, N.Y.


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