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Vote for Dr. Evans for House District 127

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor: On Nov. 5th, 2013, residents from Richmond and Jefferson counties will be asked to vote on a candidate for the Georgia House of Representatives District seat 127.

Georgia House of Representatives:



The Georgia House of Representatives is the lower house of the Georgia General Assembly (the state legislature) of the state of Georgia.

The state constitution gives the state legislature the power to make state laws, restrict land to protect and preserve the environment and natural resources, form a state militia under the command of the Governor of Georgia, expend public money, condemn property, zone property, participate in tourism, and control and regulate outdoor advertising.

The Candidate of Choice:

My beloved friends of Jefferson and Richmond county, there is one thing that I pride myself in and that is being a community and civil rights activist, and on these notes I always keep it real to myself, to the people I represent, and to my family and friends. I always seek the best for my friends and the people of Jefferson and Richmond counties, no matter if it be political or civil rights issues.

The number one issue in my life concerning the political arena and political process in this country or anywhere else on this planet is voting, voter registration and voter education, while voter registration and voting are very important and is a right and not a privilege, yet voter education outweighs them both. Remember your vote does count, but your vote must accompany voter education, knowing who you are voting for and for what reason you are voting is much more important than registering to vote and just voting randomly.

When you have known a candidate who is running for an office to represent you in your home or abroad, when you know for a fact that this person is honest, open and willing to step up and represent you for a particular office, when you know or have known this personís track record, and how they are perceived in their community, in which you find them to be a very positive and an asset. My friends you are very voter educated.

I have found such a person in my home town, and that person is Dr. Diane Evans, who is seeking the House District 127, to represent Jefferson and Richmond counties.

I have known Dr. Evans for the last 13 years, and like my old grandmother used to always tell me, ďSon, mind now, because your reputation will always follow you.Ē Well I can honestly say that Dr. Evansí reputation precedes and exceeds her.

I know this because we originate from the same community, Avera, Ga. Dr. Evans is a pillar of her community, a stand up Christian woman with great Christian values in which she carries with her at all times. Her mind and heart are geared towards community and the people living there. She strapped and built a swimming pool in her back yard, teaching children how to swim, steering and providing them with something positive to keep them away from trouble. She gathered children and paid bus fares to take them on trips to take part in the historical annual Edmund Pedis bridge crossing jubilee in Selma Ala. (Bloody Sunday) as an educational tour.

I know that she is a dedicated senior pastor of her church and have never wavered from that position.

I am 61 years old and I have seen and been around the political arena across this country for a very long time. I have seen candidates come and go. I have seen candidates knock on doors, pass out flyers, working hard on the campaign trail, some right here in the communities of Jefferson and Richmond counties seeking votes to get them elected and after coming away from an election defeated, the community never sees or hears from them again until the next election, and if they do get elected, you soon find that all the promises made were empty and just a mirage, but I never saw this in Dr. Evans.

She was and still is always hard at work in her community and surrounding communities, working for the people and trying to make for a better place for life, liberty, happiness.

I remember she ran for the office of Senate District 23 seat and came away defeated, but that didnít stop her. She continued to work diligently in the communities, never faltering, never wavering as if she is programmed to help others and to build a more perfect community. She worked with our seniors gathering them and taking them to outings out of town.

Dr. Diane Evans, 52-year old candidate, is a longtime state democratic party activist who serves as chair of the Jefferson County Democratic Party, secretary of the Georgia Association of Democratic County Chairs and member of the state Democratic committee. She graduated from Georgia Southern University, retired after 25 years as school nutrition director and classroom teacher and holds a masterís of divinity and doctor of ministry degrees from Erskine College.

I say that this candidate, Dr. Diane Brack Evans, is the best person to register to vote for and to vote for. She is a woman of good Christian values, great leadership, community oriented, well educated, honest, open and willing to step up to the plate and represent the people from the House of Representatives district seat 127.

I do believe that if she is elected, she will take the community and the people thereof to the capital, and fight to bring to the communities of Jefferson and Richmond counties, jobs into the cities and the rural areas of Georgia, improve local infrastructures, improve our schools, colleges and universities, advocate for active and retired military and their families, seek to bring about more caring for our senior citizens, and address the issues and concerns of community crimes and violence.

This is a candidate we have been needing for some time now, we have voted before for what we wanted, but now is the time to vote for what we need.

Dr. Diane Brack Evans...the candidate of choice.

Minister James Ivery
Community and Civil Rights Activist
Augusta Ga. by way of Jefferson

Prisoner comments on 12 arrested for area murder

Iím writing on behalf of 12 young black men accused of a deadly shooting that transpired over a month ago in Louisville. How can 12 young men be responsible for one death?

However, someone did commit the crime, but the authority must get the right person who is responsible for taking that young manís life.

You lock up some innocent young men and shatter all their dreams by putting them behind bars or in prison for a very long time and still donít have the right person.

Innocent people of all races are locked up daily across the country but itís more African Americans. This is not a just law, nothing just about it. The law discriminates. If the young man was killed at a club where nothing but whites hung out, then 12 white men would never have been arrested. The law wouldíve locked up an innocent black man.

Iím not defending crime or saying that itís cool to take a life, because my heart goes out to that family that has lost a loved one. May God be with his parents. I feel their pain, trust me, I do.

Iíve been incarcerated 15 and a half years and Iíve witnessed a lot of guys get cases overturned because a lack of evidence. Someone must play the field and play it fair. We all know that the court system isnít fair but it should be an ultimate sin to send people to this madness out of hatred, skin color.

The system certainly isnít equal. Itís beyond genocide. The agendas have to be controlled by someone. People in authority use their profession the wrong way. Why learn the law if youíre not going to use law professionally? Quit being a bad influence on your profession. Whatís the price of the life a black man in this country today?

Blacks today are still in the execution chamber. You must talk with precision and determination when authority plays fast and gambles with your rights. Itís now a behavior pattern because the system is an organized gang.

We, as people, must start treating people like people, stop looking at skin color because in the end we have one God and He sees no color. Letís pray God judges us for whatís on our hearts and not whatís on our mind because sometimes whatís on our minds will end up on our behind.

A lot of people throughout Jefferson County are very familiar with me. Iím the son of the late Carol Anne Thomas and Albert Thomas of Wadley. I hope that whoever is responsible for taking the young manís life does what is right and not let those innocent young men pay for what he has done. He not only caused pain to one family, but to many more families.

Those innocent kids are sitting in the county jail crying their hearts out. I know they may try to put a front up in front of their homies, but on the inside its havoc going on.

I see it daily in prison. Those kids donít need to be in that position.

My heart goes out to the victimís family. I wish I knew them to talk with them or even write them, but they can contact me if they wish to.

I can imagine the pain and hurt theyíre going through.

Godís compassion never fails us, He comforts us and heals our hearts with His endless supply of love. Iím praying for the victimís family. Iím praying that Godís love sustain you all that youíll find comfort in knowing this isnít a final separation, that youíll find hope in Godís promise of eternal life in His wonderful heavenly home. You all are in my thought and prayers, even the families that have lost some innocent children for the time being. I know itís hard having to have to deal with the system daily to keep check on your children. It will work out. Iím sacrificing a lot by speaking against the system, not really speaking against but speaking the truth.

I say that because Iím trying to get out as quick as possible, but God know my heart and He knows what is best.

Kentrell Nicall Thomas,
Autry State Prison


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