September 19, 2013 Issue


Global warming is myth

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor: While most of the planet struggles with economic woes, brought on in a large part of supporting a battle against Global Warming, we are now being told (not by our or any other government or the UN) that rather than the billions upon billions spent on reducing Global Warming, was/is a typical “the sky is falling” jammed down our throats by our government, initially by Al “I invented the Internet” Gore, and to whatever extent possible, the United Nations.

As reported by NEWSMAX, an unusually cold summer has resulted in a dramatic increase of approximately one million square miles of ocean covered with ice which, according to MailOnline, went from 1.32 recorded in 2012 to 2.35 million square miles recorded in 2013. This isn’t guesswork. Images are there for all the “The Sky Is Falling” nutcases to see.



Anastasios Tsonis, scientist at the University of Wisconsin, stated “We are already in a cooling trend, which I think will continue for the next 15 years at least. There is no doubt the warming of the 1980s and 1990s has stopped”. This cooling is occurring now in spite of a BBC Report predicting that the Artic would be icefree by 2013. Also predicted was that all the icebergs, etc would melt, causing flooding and inundation of major coastal cities around the world, thereby showing a lack of elementary knowledge on melting ice in a liquid. Speaking of icebergs only, the average person knows that when the ice melting in liquid occurs, the level of the liquid does not rise but rather occupies the same area as prior to melting.

No sane human would say for certain that Global Warming/Global Cooling does not happen but all evidence indicates that there is virtually nothing we, as humans, can do to have any noticeable influence on Global Warming or Global Cooling for that matter. As I have said on these pages several times, it is great to be alert and practice all reasonable actions in order to not add to Mother Nature’s routines and to spend astronomical amounts trying to change her activities is like tinkling in an ocean with intents to cause the ocean to overflow.

Robert Clements

Where does the blame lie?

I got your printed edition in the mail, last week, and while looking through it, I read in Soapbox where some uninformed-no-name-person, chose to blame the POTUS for the bad economy in Jefferson County. I laid the paper down in my lap and just laughed-out-loud.

To that person I say, these are the people you and all that think like you, should blame before you blame the POTUS.

1) Yourself

2) Your City Council

3) Your County Commissioners

4) Your State House and Senate Reps.

5) Your Federal House and Senate Reps.

And then, after getting nothing from those that you and others elected, you then can go screaming up and down the streets, blaming the POTUS.

I hope in some small way, I helped inform you and others, that feel the way you do.

Future Wadley Resident
Clyde D’Antignac

Mary Hill Day a success

The family of Mary E. Hill Day would like to thank all family, friends and community leaders for attending our annual celebration of spirit and service in memory of Mary E. Hill.

Rev. James Ivery, brought full circle lessons and reflections for our youth and for the adults in a purpose-filled keynote lifting up Mary E. Hill. Our heartfelt blessings to the family of Major Charles Gibbons. We hope our token of appreciation helps to make bring a little more comfort in knowing, his works spoke for the life he lived and the man he was. We felt the time was right to begin sharing the blessings and it was duly appropriate to also present a token of appreciation for the service of our own Sharon Jackson Hill. We again express the gratitude of the Jefferson County SCLC for bestowing this honor of the “Mother of the Jefferson County Civil Rights Movement” and President Bobby Adams for furthering the call for voter registration, membership and public service needed today as much as in the past.

Plan to join us next year for a day filled with fun, food and fellowship in the spirit of service and care of Mary E. Hill.

The committee for Mary E. Hill Day

Pantry needs donations

The Louisville Food Pantry has been overwhelmed with families and individuals, as well as seniors, that need our assistance to help make ends meet.

The community has been very helpful and your continual support is still in need. With hunting season in full swing and some gardens still flourishing, please remember us and your less fortunate neighbor especially with the holidays approaching.

For donations, contact Blanche Greene at (973) 951-7827 or mail to The Louisville Food Pantry, 718 W. Nelms St., Louisville, GA 30434.

The Louisville Food Pantry


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