August 29, 2013 Issue


Cry out America to save our country

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor: I understand there is to be a million Muslim march in Washington D.C on 9/11. Well...Sept. 11 is also Cry Out America...we should have many millions of Christians marching to their courthouses on that day to Cry Out to God to save America because that is what it is going to take!

If you are in or near Jefferson County, Ga....join us at the Courthouse in Louisville to take the stance of 2 Chronicles 7:14.... “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”



If you are not near us, find out where Cry Out America is taking place near you and if there isn’t one...start one! It is important that we come together at the courthouses around this country...it is the place of authority for our local governments.

We have stood by and let abortion be a common place happening in our land. We have stood by and let God be removed from our schools and we are standing by and letting our country be taken over by those who do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the only true God. This is the fifth annual Cry Out America and it may be the most critical one to date!

Mr. Cleve Walker from WAFJ will bring us a challenging message this year! Please join us! We will have some worship music and we will pray! We will have chairs but if you have a favorite folding chair…please bring it and possibly your umbrella.

God Bless America!

Judy Tatum

Don’t let people take advantage of a good thing

On Saturday, a few weeks ago, there was a fan give away in Louisville. I commend whoever did this it was a very good thing to do.

The only problem I saw was people were getting 10 and 12 of these fans. I’m not talking about a few fans (electric). There were stacks and stacks of them.

I don’t mind people getting free things. Lord knows in this day in time it’s nice every once in a while to get something free, but when this country is raised to expect every thing to be handed to them free then this country is really in trouble.

I know all of those people couldn’t have rooms to use that many fans. If they had homes that big they could afford air conditioning.

Next time someone gives free items away maybe they need to have a limit on how many you can get and maybe you need to have to sign your name and address to show how many they were getting.

Jan M. Marsh

Families and children need prayerful preparation

Greetings in the Name of Jesus!

I was on the phone this past Tuesday with a Christian education director in our district and in the midst of our conversation her other phone rang and I heard her frantically ask, “What happened? And what channel is it on?”

She then said to me that she could not continue our conversation because there was someone with a gun at her grandchild’s school in Atlanta.

This was unsettling to say the least and I immediately went into prayer for all involved. I later heard, from news sources, that although there was a shot fired no one was killed.

Nowadays, getting our children ready for back-to-school takes on a whole new meaning. Getting them ready no longer should be limited to purchasing school supplies and clothes, but it should include prayerful preparation, from both the parents and the child. Even though prayer (praying) is not allowed in schools, I do believe the power of prayer prevails more so today than ever. Why? Because not everyone prays out loud and the need for prayer is greater.

We must get back to prayer! We, as parents, grandparents etc… cannot be everywhere and all things to our children but God is! We must pray without ceasing and teach our children to pray accordingly. We must teach them to pray not only when chaos arises but when things are well. Just pray.

We must stop giving our children an option of whether or not they want to go to church/Bible study/Sunday school/prayer meetings, etc. and teach them that their salvation, a relationship with Jesus, is not optional-it’s essential.

Jerlyn Smith-Hudson


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