August 15, 2013 Issue


Fundamental change is required to save us all

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor: The Soviet Union peacefully ended the Cold War in 1989. Former Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev deserves enormous credit for showing the world a new paradigm for settling international conflicts. Almost immediately after the end of the decades long Cold War, United States went back to the business of war as usual when it invaded Panama in order to capture one man, Gen. Manuel Noriega.

Neoconservatives were flush with victory after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Francis Fukiyama a neconservative luminary wrote about “the end of history”. Neocons predicted a Pax Americana in which United States would be the unchallenged military, political, and economic super power. Neocons spoke about a window of opportunity after the Soviet Union collapsed during which United States must assert its global preeminance. They called this period after the Soviet collapse and before China’s rise as “the unitary moment”.



President Bill Clinton labeled himself as a “free trader”. Today we refer to global corporatists of his ilk as economic neoliberals. These members of the American establishment, including well connected, influential members of the Democratic Party, use western economic institutions like the International Monitary Fund and the World Bank to make money for western corporations and indirectly for themselves. The one thing that Bill Clinton did right was not taking neoconservative bait as outlined in their blueprint for U.S. world domination called Project for a New American Century. To his credit, President Bill Clinton did not get United States involved in intractable wars.

After the attacks of September 11, 2001 happened on President George W. Bush’s watch that changed. As the U.S. economy floundered economic neoliberals aligned themselves with the militarized U.S. foreign policy advocated by neoconservatives. The American establishment has never looked back as United States pursues a militarized foreign policy. Ironically U.S. dependence on military intervention has only increased as its political and economic power wanes. The U.S. global war on terror has only “succeeded” in creating more enemies and spreading wars in South Asia, in the Middle East, on the Arabian Peninsula, and in Africa.

Humanity must learn to solve problems without killing and going to war if civilization is to survive on this planet. It is incumbent on the most powerful nations to lead the way with magnanimous overtures. Even with high tech killing machines like missles fired from drone aircraft and the use of electronic intelligence on a massive scale United States with 300 million people cannot dominate the world which has a population of over 7 billion people. With at most 5% of the world’s population United States does not have the human or financial resources to dominate every theater on earth, at sea, in the air, in space, and now in cyberspace. U.S. foreign policy must be rethought from top to bottom.

Peace is necessary to make the paradigm shift to an equitable, sustainable economy. If we learned anything from the U.S. war in Vietnam besides the era of neocolonialism being over, it is that we cannot have guns and butter too. Corporations profit from excessive military spending while the standard of living and economic security of the American people declines. If United States does not want to suffer economic and political collapse like Soviet Union did more than twenty years ago, we must put people before profits. Congress members under the influence of corporate lobbyists won’t make this paradigm shift. They will support the status quo as long as their bread is buttered. It will take direct action by an engaged American public to effect the fundamental changes required to avoid WWIII and/or economic collapse.

Randy Cain,

Mother calls for compassion

My name is Ms. Marcella Flournoy.

On June 16 someone by the name of Mr. Ken Quarterman was shot and killed.

On June 20 they put out a warrant for my child’s arrest and 11 more people.

Well, today is Aug. 8 and they still have my little girl locked up and that’s not correct because she didn’t kill anyone.

She’s a 19-year-old T.W. Josey graduate and works full time at two jobs. She has never been in any trouble in her life, grew up a military brat. Both of her parents are from Jefferson County.

What I want to tell you is that she is innocent and they know this but refuse to let her go. What’s wrong with our people today?

I need to tell the city of Louisville and Wadley that Shinique Flournoy is innocent and please have compassion.

I would like to tell the Quartermans I’m very sorry for their loss, but my child is innocent.

On Aug. 4 I went to see my little girl at the jail. When I got to the window I gave the officer my ID card and she took it and started talking about me to another officer and that time they started laughing and then gave me a nasty attitude.

Why? I’m not a bad person. I try calling but they told me to stop calling. I only want to check on my child.

Can someone help us? We need help to prove my child innocent.

Please understand my cry and prayer,

Marcella Flournoy

Rembert asks all to be kind

Have you forgotten the value of life?

Honor our neighbors and be kind.

Do not make us (them) feel that we (they or them) feel that they don’t belong. They were here before you and I were born.

My brothers and sisters be kind to others white and black, because you don’t know who is your guardian angel – be careful bones thrown they might have to pick you up.

Use your head and heart.

PS. Hold your head up. I want the throne of God to be with me. Don’t think I don’t have back up. My Master has my back.

Eleanor Gilmore Rembert


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