July 18, 2013 Issue


Clements on Independence Day and those who provide it

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor: As I watched/read the many celebrations of Independence Day that were really hyped to the maximum and even from most corners of the world, although this is a national holiday in the US of A celebrating our independence from the British nation, I thought about how different things are today as compared to the inception of our proud Declaration of Independence. Most notable are the “Fourth of July” sales, “Fireworks displays” and another “Holiday” where we celebrate by outdoors bar-be-cues, going to the lake, family reunions, drinking and driving, etc.

Thankfully we were also able to watch some celebrations that, in my opinion, represent the real reason for our celebration of Independence Day, freedom from any oppressor nations to make our own rules, laws and standards that are supposedly the “Law of The Land” and the most worthy reason, honoring our military personnel that allows us to continue our living under the protection they provide.



In several situations I witnessed, honoring our military, there were many of our wounded and disabled present. It was extremely sad to see those who were missing various body parts that would never grow back but had been replaced by prostheses that would enable them to participate in activities to a degree but never such as their original bodies.

As usual, these warriors are mostly young folks that put their lives on the line every day so that we can continue our “Fourth of July” sales, trips to the lake, bar-be-cues, etc. in the comfort we have come to take for granted.

While all this is extremely important we sometimes forget about the military personnel that gave their lives to furnish us with the protection that we have enjoyed for well over 200 years...unless one or more of those who gave their all happens to be a relative or friend. We all should be constantly aware of those who gave all because every one of them have/had family whose lives will never be the same.

Robert Clements


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