July 03, 2013 Issue


Citizen tired of excessive force accusations

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor: I am getting tired of claims of “excessive force” by certain elements of this town when police are trying to stop “excessive force” on the same elements, “namely murder.”

The situation had several “mistakes” and most were not the police.



1. Not calling your mother when you arrived in Louisville. In the two hours it took you to get here did you think your cousin was left laying at the crime scene?

2. Going to a live crime scene where a murder had just occurred. Police knowing this was a “gang” killing had to consider anyone that fit the profile of the gang members to be treated as such and you were.

3. Not yelling out your name and that of your mother was a big mistake. As it turned out once this was done you were free to go, by your own admission.

4. As far as “excessive force” what action would you have taken knowing a killer was on the loose? I personally would do what was necessary to keep from being the next victim of the killer.

The biggest mistake of all is to try to promote anti-police crap when for the most part they are trying to keep me, you and your mother, safe. We had this same charge brought against the Louisville Police Department that was found unfounded and untrue.

If you had considered for one minute the state of mind of a young policeman who found himself in this position, you might have a different point of view.

We all make mistakes and will continue to do so. Let’s hope that we all don’t get sued for it. The courts can’t stand the workload.

Ray Clements

Class of 1963 looking for Cardinal trophies

Wrens Middle School.

We have been desperately trying to locate the Wrens High School Cardinals trophies. We have talked with the school board, principles, teachers and other staff members regarding where these trophies may be. What we have found out so far is that they were boxed up and stored under the gym bleachers.

The bleachers were removed during renovation and they were put in storage, put somewhere else or even a notice was put in the local paper that they were available if persons were interested in them. We are still looking and hoping someone may have one or more that we could borrow for our memorabilia table.

Does anyone know where these trophies can be found? If so, please call Byrd Rogers 706-595-3353, Linda Hadden 678-625-3593 or Bennett or Gail Clark 706-547-6689 as soon as possible. If any are located and we are able to use them they will be taken care of and returned. Any help will be appreciated.

Byrd Rogers


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