June 20, 2013 Issue


Paige suggests city hall be named for B.A. Johnson

Dear Editor:

You know there comes a time in everyoneís life when they realize that some kind of wrong needs to be corrected. The old saying states: A man can make a msitake once but a fool make the same mistake twice. I say that because we are not being true to a situation that had happened within the boundaries of Jefferson County, Georgia, or better yet, the city of Wadley.

According to my recollection, the demised former mayor of Wadley, the honorable Mayor B.A. Johnsonís name should practically be posted all over the city because of the work he has done for the citizens, the city and the surrounding area. Some of you might disagree but it is what it is. If you were living in the area when he was mayor of this fair city, you knew you had a friend, a hard worker and one that cared about this city.



The point that this writer is trying to stress is, the City of Wadley has constructed a spank and brand-new city hall and had its open house on last Friday, June 14. If I am not mistaken, this is the first time in a long time that any municipality has constructed a new building of this type withing the limits of Jefferson County.

In history, people who made a difference in their community for the betterment of the citizens should be rewarded for a job well-done. The words of the old Negro spiritual, ďMay the work Iíve done speak for me.Ē

Although he is buried in his grave, but it is time for B.A. Johnsonís work to speak for him.

So I am calling on all citizens of the City of Wadley to give B.A. Johnson his reward for such a well-done job. The newly constructed peopleís house of the City of Wadley should be and will be named, The B.A. Johnson Memorial Building.

Iím sure that it will be well accepted and the kids growing up in this south Jefferson County city will know of the first elected black mayor of Wadley. B.A. Johnson Memorial Building, it is more than fitting. Anything else is uncivilized.

Lester Paige

DíAntignac wonders what happened to the letters

Itís been a while since Iíve written to your paper. Been a little busy on this end, but have kept up with The News and Farmer. I spent a few nights in Wadley back in April, due to death in the family in Augusta. We spent the nights in Wadley Inn. The wife, our small dog, and I were treated kindly. The people that run the Inn are really friendly and nice. It was a short visit back home, but a sad and necessary one.

Iíve noticed that those who used to contribute their opinions, be it political or otherwise, donít do it anymore. I have asked myself the question a few times, as I read The News and Farmer, either on the web, and especially in the paper edition I get through the mail, and I trust I didnít have anything to do with their withdrawal from giving their opinions in your paper, especially about political matters. If so, I hope theyíll rethink their decisions, and start back to writing in, again.

There are a few snide remarks in the Soapbox, but I for one believe, if you can take the time to peck on a keyboard and say something you think makes sense, why not let the people in and around Jefferson County know who you are, by putting your name to your remarks?

I am curious to know what they think about the mid-term elections coming up, and who they think will win. Personally I think the democrats have a good chance to win back the House and keep the majority in the Senate. Now those two predictions should get their juices boiling. If not, this usually get most if not all Tea Party Conservatives in a uproar. ObamaCare will be in full swing come 2014, and itíll be here to stay.

Iíll keep this letter short, and hope to give those on the right something to make them kick the dust off the keyboard, and come out swinging. If not, in the coming weeks, Iíll be giving my opinions up to election day in November, about Georgia, the president, the Senate, and the House.

Future Wadley Resident
Clyde DíAntignac


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