May 30, 2013 Issue


$100 from a Hundred to support child literacy

Dear Editor:

Few things are more crucial to a childís success than the ability to read. The facts are compelling. Competent readers do better in school. Skillful readers manage to complete more years of education. In addition, they ultimately get better jobs and earn higher incomes over their lifetimes. And importantly, they have richer lives because they gain understanding about themselves and the world around them.

In 2010 representatives from the Rotary Club of Jefferson County and the Kiwanis Club of Louisville led a group of interested citizens to create the Ferst Foundation of Jefferson County. Our organization is affiliated with Georgiaís Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy. Our goal is to provide a free book each month to every child in Jefferson County under the age of 5.



Through generous support from local clubs, businesses and individuals, over 700 children have been recipients of these free age-appropriate books. There are about 1,100 children under age 5 in Jefferson County, and our goal is for every child to receive these books. In an effort to sustain and expand this program, we are launching a campaign called, ďA $100 from a Hundred.Ē We are looking for 100 individuals and businesses to commit $100 to support this transforming program.

There is a great need in our community to provide opportunities for preschool children to improve their literacy and be better prepared to learn when they enter school. Many children in low income areas such as Jefferson County do not have appropriate toys or books in their homes and, therefore, begin school at a disadvantage.

The Ferst literacy project has attributes that make it worthy of your support. Chief among them is the programís proven performance. In communities where the plan has been in effect for a while, Ferst readers have shown an increased readiness when they begin their formal schooling. Moreover, in Ferst homes, the parents take an active role in reading to their children.

Secondly, because Ferst vigorously controls costs, the books are delivered for very small sums, making each donated dollar go farther. For instance, each Ferst book costs on average $2.33. If you ordered ďThe Little Engine That CouldĒ through Amazon.com, you could expect to pay $8.99 plus shippingÖa dramatic difference! Also, the Ferst Foundation of Jefferson County is run totally by community volunteers. As a result, we have minimal overhead costs, so every dollar contributed goes toward the purchase of books and every dollar contributed stays in Jefferson County.

Please join us by participating in ďA $100 from a Hundred.Ē Any individual, business, or civic organization can make a contribution by mailing a check to the Ferst Foundation of Jefferson County at 306 E. Broad Street, Louisville, GA 30434. Checks should be made out to Ferst Foundation with Jefferson County in the memo portion of the check. For additional information, I can be contacted at 478-625-3751.


Patricia Edwards, Co-Chair
Ferst Foundation for Jefferson County

Williams appreciates what JCHS staff offers students

Jefferson County High School Principal Dr. Alan Long, the life style we have today brings to us things we seem not to handle too well or are not sure how to handle.

I want to thank you and your staff, everyone, for having patience and time out of the regular job description with each student.

Your job is very difficult and time consuming.

Without your care and concern, my family members would be out on the street.

You all put up with a lot each and every day.

I want you to know that you all are well thought of and respected.

I am praying daily for continued success. And thank you!


Eddie Williams

Dukes upset with county and commissioners over road

On the 16 of May I brought my wife home from the hospital after a hysterectomy. Nothing about this week had been uneventful so far so why should the ride home be any different I guess.

When we got to Gus Perdue Road, it is so bumpy and washed and rough, she begged me to let her out of the car so she can walk! Believe it or not honestly I donít care at this point. So I called the county, like I have to do all the time. After a discussion with the lady who answered the phone at the county office; (that by the way was as nice as could be), she gave me the phone numbers to a couple of commissioners and the public works director. I will cut right to the chase; Iím tired of lame excuses and lies. Iím going to list some of them for the record.

Your neighbors wonít let us work on the road! We are broke and canít afford to work on it! The rest of the commissioners wonít let me work on it! It takes three of us to get anything done and nobody will help me! and on and on. All I am asking is keep the road in decent shape, I gave up 20 years ago trying to get it paved.

Did I say an ugly word, yes; but did not direct that towards you or anyone else, no! The fact that I did tell (Commissioner) Wayne (Davis) I was going to be a mad ** if I had to take my wife back to the doctor over that same bumpy road because of it, was wrong and I apologized to him for it. His reply was direct at me however and here it is. ďYou can take mad and go straight to hell as far as I am concerned.Ē You informed me how tired you were of me and everyone else in this county bothering you about these dirt roads you live on. The rest of your language in the rant I am going to leave out of here, the paper probably wouldnít print it.

Well, my friend, you got your point across loud and clear and I can clearly see what kind of an individual you actually are. Itís a shame and disgrace to act like that, and feel as you say you do about us tax payers who bother you to do your job that you had to have. Then take money from us as a salary to work for and represent the people of this county. If we are that bad, you need to resign immediately!

There is a code of ethics any elected official in the state of Georgia is supposed to adhere to. It is not binding but is there for you regardless. As an elected official you are a servant to the people who elected you, and you are bound by the oath you took to support and work for us tax payers that installed you in that office. Itís obvious now why you canít get anyone else down there to work with you (your words not mine), if you approach them with the same disdain and attitude you had for me. This is to let everyone else out there know what you think of us as voters, and tax payers.

I am forced to pay taxes on what our assessorís office claims to be the most desirable area in this county and itís a shame after an afternoon rain I canít even get to that little piece of heaven, and after the rain has gone itís about another month before the lowly motor grader flies down the road at break neck speed and claims to grade it. And the day after they scraped it this time, it was just as bad. Now a week later and itís even worse. For that I thank all of you in the commissionersí office. I also want to thank the commissioner who promised to come out and see us and discuss this for never showing up! And am I finished yet? Not by a long shot.


Tony Dukes


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