May 16, 2013 Issue


John Henson thanks community and leaders

Dear Editor:

I cannot thank you enough for the dedication and naming of the recreation press box after me. I was touched by all the wonderful and kind words that were spoken of me Saturday.

I have served the sports and recreation leagues in Jefferson County, not only because I loved doing it, but because I love this community.



I feel so blessed to be able to do this everyday, and I hope to be able to continue to do this for many more years.

I want to give a special thanks to our chairman commission, Mitchell McGraw, commissioner Tommy New, our mayor, Larry Morgan, and the director of the recreation department, Eugene Cunningham.

Thank you and your staff for putting this all together and surprising me with “The Crow’s Nest.” You have greatly honored me with this dedication and naming, but the true honor is being able to serve this community that I call my friends.


John Henson

Sauls calls for more police presence in Wadley

No protection.

It was very alarming to learn that a very successful business located in downtown Wadley has to, upon closing their store each night, board up the windows and doors in order to have a safe business to open the next day.

Is there that much crime in Wadley or is it there is no police department qualified to protect the people and businesses?

It would appear that with the money the city is spending it could at least hire even two qualified policemen, one for day and one for night, to give at least some protection.

When I visit Wadley city, I never see any evidence of a law enforcement officer, see a fleet of police cars, but no policeman. Even the smallest of towns has some kind of law protection. I admire a business that has to go through the fear of being robbed or damaged to their business in order to support their family. If there was a decent law this would not be necessary.

Larry Sauls

Buzzard Blast a success

Thanks to all who came out to the seventh annual Buzzard Blast this past weekend! I would like to thank my co-chairs Jessica Holdeman and Jessica Guy for all of their hard work and dedication to make this a successful Buzzard Blast. I would also like to thank those who laid the foundation for us during the past six years and who offered guidance to us this year: Lil Easterlin, Billy Valduga, Becky Harrison and Wendy Davis.

Thanks to our sponsors, without whom the Buzzard Blast would not happen: City of Louisville, Jefferson Hospital Foundation, Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, WPEH, The News and Farmer, John Kitchens Website Design and Queensborough National Bank and Trust Company. Also many thanks to our Buzzard Level sponsors and Broad Street Level sponsors!

Thanks to the vendors who offered a variety of food and crafts. How wonderful to have local (and some not so local) vendors who offer a vast array of goods and services! I would also like to thank those throughout the community who sacrificed a portion of their Saturday to volunteer in the kids’ area during the Buzzard Blast. Your help was greatly appreciated!

Thanks to our entertainment that performed throughout the day. All of the entertainment was local and each performance showcased this incredible local talent.

It takes a team to create something spectacular and it takes community support to make it a success. What a blessing it is to live in a supportive and endearing community such as ours!

Kindest regards,

Amy Howard
Buzzard Blast Co-Chair

Attention parents of bus riders

I am assuming that everyone who has an elementary school child who depends on the public school system (such as myself) to take their children to and from school every morning and every afternoon - received a letter from Mrs. Sharon Dye (principal of Wrens Elementary School) Friday afternoon May 10, informing us that our children’s bus routes are going to be changed during the last couple weeks of school in order to lessen the ride time for our children and to be more economical - and that having this change occur now, will help to implement these changes for the next school year.

But I am also sure that most of you do not know all of the facts...as I myself found out only by accident of what is really taking place with the changes that are taking affect this Wednesday, May 15.

The letter as well as the recording of Mrs. Dye informing us of the school bus changes did not mention anything about my children who as of right now are only riding the bus with other elementary school aged children - are now going to be, as of Wednesday May 15 - riding the bus with middle as well as high school aged children.

The letter as well as the recording also failed to mention the fact that the “New Bus Implementation” that they are setting in motion will be meeting other buses at the Wrens Middle School to transfer my small 5-year-old and my 7-year-old daughters onto another bus, one of the many buses that are going to be lined up for our children to transfer onto, only to take them less than three miles to the elementary school.

Keep in mind that this change is to “lessen the ride time” and to be “more economical.”

As a parent that speaks for my children because I know what is best for them, I would rather my child be on one bus safe and sound for a longer period of time where I know where they are and know that they are safe, rather than sitting at work at 8 a.m. worrying and wondering if my children were transferred onto the proper bus and if they got to school safely. I wonder about their ride to school as it is now, because I have to put what I hold dearest to me in the hands of someone who I can only hope has as much compassion for their job as I do of mine as a mother.

I am very disappointed that we as parents were not given the opportunity to express our concerns prior to this change taking affect and I am also very unsatisfied with what little and incorrect information was given before hand by the school system itself that this change was taking place.

Debra J. Prescott
Buzzard Blast Co-Chair


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