March 7, 2013 Issue


Senior Center closing should be a warning

Dear Editor:

I would like to apologize to the pastors of Jefferson County, a few weeks ago I was part of a group of volunteers that sent letters to local churches requesting that the ministers come speak at the Jefferson County Senior Center. At the time we had no idea that the center would be closing. I am sorry that we wasted your time in soliciting a visit to the center and spent the taxpayers money on postage. At this time I would like to appeal to the members of clergy to pray that the center will reopen soon so that the elderly of the area could, again, have somewhere to go for food and fellowship.

I requested the documents referenced in the article about the closing and it appears that there were some things in the last inspections that did not meet the standard.



While Ms. Swint did fail to have the heater maintained, did not conduct a tornado drill and a few things of that nature. She did do a great many things and contributed greatly to the well being of the seniors in our county. Some of her greatest accomplishments were the coordination of a lovely Christmas banquet and thanksgiving meal, field trips for the seniors to Augusta and daily encouragement.

As a volunteer at the center on a weekly basis, I found it to be a place for companionship, food and activities for many people who now have no place else to go. One of the problems at the center was lack of attendance, even though the transportation was provided for free.

Jefferson County citizens should heed the warning that the closing of the Senior Center could be just the beginning of the reduction of resources available to us, especially if we fail to use them. We should all make an effort to frequent the library, recreation centers, and all other venues provided by the government that we tend to take for granted.

I hope and pray that the citizens of Jefferson County will encourage their officials to make every effort to reopen the center as soon as possible and that everyone in the area will pitch in to keep it open, helping in whatever way they can.

Constance Barrow

Nelson thankful for time with her grandmother

Just recently I lost the love of my life, my grandmother! She was the backbone of my family. When she was able she believed in helping other, even if it meant her doing without. She always said there are no stranger when a person need help, if you can help them, help them, if not donít talk down or talk negative about them, if you canít say something good, donít say anything at all. She always said be careful how you treat others because one day they may have to hand you drink of water, never look down on anyone, unless you are picking them up. My grandmother never complained about anything because she knew the power of God. She always said there is good in all people. I remember when her health started to fail, she would be walking to my motherís house and fall, my mom and I would be crying for help, then my brother Wallace would hear us, and he would run and pick my grandmother up like she was an infant, and my grandmother would laugh and say alright Wallace donít hurt your back picking old granny up. Wallace is our hero; we always depended on him. She would say old granny bones are giving out. When my grandmother turn 92, the doctor told her she could no longer live alone, so my mom Dot, ask her to move in with her, and my mom said we all had to help out.

My grandmother always talked about going home. I thought she meant her home, but she meant home in heaven. As my grandmother got older her health continue to fail, when she turned 94 she needed constant medical assistance. It broke our hearts to put her in Old Capital Healthcare, but we had no choice. So I made Old Capital Healthcare my home too. I spent most of my time there along with my grandmother. I learned it wasnít so bad, the staff was great in helping me to adjust to the change and challenge I was about to face, I realize God had given me even more time with my grandma and I had to take advantage of it, so I did. I learned the staff was great with her and me, and I realized it was great patients in there who needed attention and love, that some family members had placed them here and forgot about their loved ones. Every patient there is important and needs to feel important, when you stop showing concern for your family; you are shorting your own health and life. So help out however you can. Thank you Old Capital Healthcare.

The little money the government pays is not justice for all the work nursing staff does, so please take the time out and check on your love ones, because when they close their eyes and take that last breath, thatís it, thereís no going back to I should have done this, or I should have done that, itís all over. Every person should have an power of attorney before going in a nursing home, everybody wants to make decision for their family member, but the nursing home canít please everyone, they want to, but itís not possible, only one person should have a power of attorney over you, it needs to be done while you are in your right mind. Our grandma was very wise and smart, she had a will and power of attorney, and I challenge you all to do the same. Our godly angel Mary Lizzie Brown has passed, her home going was beautiful, Rev. Alex Nelson was great and thatís how she lived.

Thank you,

Sandra Nelson


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