February 28, 2013 Issue


Coal is no longer a good bet, FACE says

Dear Editor:

The proposed White Stallion Energy Center, a 1200 MW coal-fired power plant similar to Plant Washington, was officially canceled last week. A White Stallion spokesman said that ďThe presently low price of natural gas has made the price of electricity from a new coal fired generator uncompetitive at this time.Ē

This echoes what FACE and Georgians for Smart Energy have been saying since Dean Alford and Power4Georgians announced Plant Washington more than five years ago. For a host of economic reasons (to say nothing of its many adverse impacts on health and the environment), coal is no longer a good bet. In addition to record low prices for natural gas, those reasons include increasing costs of building and operating coal plants, decreasing costs for solar and wind energy, decreased demand for power generally and greater energy efficiency.



With each passing year, the case for coal has only become less compelling. In more than a 150 cases, proposed new coal plants have been canceled, abandoned or put on hold because their developers just couldnít make the math work. While Power4Georgians has yet to make any formal announcement, Plant Washington has already lost its biggest backers, most recently Cobb EMC.

Unfortunately, our local leaders seem content to prolong the inevitable while the clean energy train leaves the station. Washington County Commissioners should announce they will not put taxpayers at risk with bonds for Plant Washington. And Washington EMC leaders should quit Power4Georgians and withdraw from Plant Washington while they still have the chance to make sensible low-cost investments in clean and renewable energy.

We need to join the clean renewable energy team while the draft is still open.

Katherine Cummings
FACE Executive Director
Washington EMC member

Reader enjoys column

Mrs. McKinney,

I just wanted to thank you for your column in The News and Farmer. I love our newspaper and have subscribed to it for many years. But Iíll have to admit that your column is the first thing I turn to each week. I enjoy your information about the coupons, but I donít really use them. I know I would save some money if I used them. But, Iíll have to say I love your recipes. They are so simple and short and donít need lots of ingredients, plus they are so tasty. I have used several of them, as have my friends. Iím sure I have more than 100 cookbooks but Iíve never seen one that I didnít want. If you have one, Iíd like to know. And please keep your recipes coming in. We really enjoy them.


Jean Bishop

Clementsí response saddens DíAntignac

It wasnít my intention to hurt anyoneís feelings. My friendís letter in last weekís edition saddens me. When I first started writing to your paper, it was to counter negative things that were being said about democrats and liberals. I saw where no one was rebutting any of the things that were being said, so I took it upon myself to challenge those on the right about their views. I say the right because, I happen to know a few conservatives and they wouldnít spew some of the ideas Iíve seen about liberals and the president these past few years without facts.

My friend made me sound as if I were going all out to make him or anybody else sound imperfect. That wasnít my intention at all. My intention was to debate him and others to the point that if they send in letters, make sure they had their facts correct. If by my fact checking them, it made them look like liars, I suggest he and others do right by your readers and be able to backup anything they send in. If I send in anything and someone wants proof, Iíll either give it, or point them in the right direction on where to find it, good or bad.

In no way am I perfect. But am I, and the readers asking too much of him and those on the right to send in facts? If what he or they are sending in are jokes, shouldnít they say so? There have been a number of posts that have been sent in, and I didnít challenge them at all. Why? Because they were well written and as close to the facts as they could be.

There were a number of things said in his letter that are flat out untruths about what I said and what he said. In the Soapbox edition of 01-31-13, on page 5A, there was no fact check or reference to where you could go and find the facts for all those statements to which he alluded. And he really thinks Iím a liar.

As for the Augusta Chronicle, and a Mr. Gregory, those were not mentioned when he sent in his letter, and I quote: ( FBI statistics, as reported by Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/assault-weapon-deaths-statistics/2013/01/03/id/469982?=al&prom code=1161C-1#ixzz2HOyxDuMT, indicate that murder by the use of hammers and clubs far exceeded the murders by rifles which is what Senator Diane Feinstien wants banned in totality and enforcing such by confiscation). I ask him here and now: My friend do you, or the readers see Augusta Chronicle, or a Mr. Gregory in that statement? And by the way, Newsmax.com is a rightwing news magazine, no one with any smarts I know would read that rag.

I, and surely not the readers, should have to fact check him, or anyone else who writes in. He, or they should want their families, friends, and especially the readers to believe that he or they, know for a fact, what it is theyíre talking about. The answer to his question ( I wonder if Mr. D critiques many other newspapers or media sources)...is yes. One in particular is The Washington Post. It has what they call Townhall Cartoons. Youíll find me there a couple of hours of each day, rebutting those tea party members. I suggest to my friend, or anyone else, if your feelings are easily hurt, donít come on, or post to it. Also, I have a political blog I do every week. And if at anytime you or anyone else wants to debate me one on one, you can email me at mrcjd3@sbcglobal.net. Trust me when I say, nothing you or anyone that e-mails me can hurt my feelings.

(Now, I hope this doesnít sound racist) What my friendís last letter told me, if not others that read this local newspaper is: When lies come back to hurt and embarrass you, youíll strike back anyway you can. Believe me my friend, I understand, when one has to save face, when you are amongst the (good ole boys).

Finally, I want to go on the record, here and now: I want the readers of The News and Farmer to know Iíve never, and I repeat, never thought at anytime, that the people in Jefferson and the surrounding counties are too stupid to read and comprehend, anyones truths, untruths, or lies.

Clyde DíAntignac
Future Wadley Resident


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