February 14, 2013 Issue


Balancing corporate monies and mentoring

Dear Editor:

Oops! The letter published on Feb. 7 concerning the fracking bead factory was my personal note about issues related to the Wrens project. I do not in any way represent the JEDI activist group in Jefferson County. My letter was, in fact, addressed to that group as a concerned citizen with a copy to the editor. Iím sorry that I was not clear about that.

However, I did appreciate the articles written by Mr. Parish Howard about the project in Wrens and I also appreciated his opinion piece about the loss of corporate income in the county in a later issue of The News and Farmer. Indeed, he was dead on right about the circumstances described in his editorial. The economic and education issues in Jefferson County are serious. Not too long ago, I saw a report which suggested that 80 percent of the students in the Jefferson County Public Schools come fromeconomically distressed families.



Iíve always considered my generation to be Depression babies since most of us were born in the early 1930s when the impact of the 1929 market crashes finally reached rural Georgia. Almost everyone was poor, but some of us were fortunate to have had outstanding mentors. Collectively and individually, they did their best to make sure that we didnít fall through the cracks of distress. In my mind, they remain cultural icons.

Today, the current influx or loss of corporate monies must also be counterbalanced by the steadfast development of a mentoring system for the children and less fortunate in the county -- a kind of buddy system -- so that treasured personal, cultural and environmental resources are not lost.

While the corporations being courted might provide jobs for Jefferson County, I have heard of no special education or cultural agendas that accompany the corporate presence here and which support the general good of of the communities. Of course, the monies generated through salaries and other monetary investments may be good. But, maybe, as these businesses benefit from exploitation of the natural resources of our communities, they could generate special education programs and other social benefits for the communities that supply the work teams. I am not talking about deductible expenses such as advertisements in programs and bulletins for school of civic activities, but I am talking mostly about education responsibility which goes beyond the technical training of a work force. Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie and some of the other industrial leaders understood that. They didnít just take resources, they developed resources, too.

The commissioners, developers and other entrepreneurs in county business must make sure that this concern for the betterment of the community is an integral part of the package.

Bill Paul

Garden Club to host Arbor Day ceremony

This Friday, Feb. 15, the Louisville Garden Club will hold an Arbor Day ceremony for all Jefferson Countians at the Helen Clark Memorial Park in Louisville at 11 a.m.

The event will include an Arbor Day Proclamation presented by Louisville Mayor Larry Morgan, planting of a tree donated by the Garden Club, awarding Jefferson County students who have won an Arbor Day poster contest, and an announcement that Louisville has received the designation as a Tree City USA - a title held only by certain towns and cities in Georgia.

All Jefferson County citizens are invited to attend this brief ceremony and celebrate the important of trees in our community. Communities all over Georgia will be holding Arbor Day events on Friday, as it has been designated as Arbor Day for our state.

Mary Margaret Clark

DíAntignac on Soapbox comment

If itís not in the water, someone pray tell me whatís going on back there in Jefferson and surrounding counties. And youíre saying whatís got him in an uproar now? Glad you asked. While reading the Jan. 31 printed edition, I spotted my ole friend over in the Soapbox. Seem Voices was full, and you and your staff did a great job getting everyoneís letters into that edition. If no one has said thank you, I will. Thank you and your staff for all you do. Outstanding job every week, and very professional, too.

Now back to my friend in the Soapbox. Weíve gone down this road before. If you canít back it up with facts, then itís untruths, or better yet, (Out Right Lies). I refer to and: (I quote) Why is it (the progressive liberals who steal guns, then go and kill movie goers and school children, have never been an NRA member)? Now that was the beginning of the untruths, with a little originality thrown in to make it sound juicy. My friend is really tripping these days, and I was beginning to think better of him. To send in those blatant bunch of untruths and thought no one would fact check him is really going over the edge.

I went looking for his facts, and found one, if not the main source of his untruths, call military.com. Below is what they posted on Jan. 27, 2013, with the title saying: ďWorst Recent Mass Murders Committed By Progressive DemocratsĒ. Then to make their post seem a little more juicy, they added this: (The Five Worst Mass Killings Have A Common Thread). Hint #1: They donít belong to the NRA. What can you expect from a site that calls itself, Millitary.com? I know, gun lovers, and liars, and thatís just (my opinion).

1.) Fort Hood ---Registered Democrat ~ muslim

2.) Columbine---Too young to vote; both families were registered democrats and progressive liberals.

3.) Virginia Tech---Wrote hate mail to Pres. Bush and to his staff - registered democrat

4.) Colorado Theater---registered democrat; staff worker on the Obama campaign; Occupy Wall Street participant; and progressive liberal.

5.) Connecticut School Shooter---registered democrat; hated Christians.

As I said above, all lies, every one of them. All together now, (Will somebody please, call the police).

It really saddens me to think or say, he doesnít know better, heís being funny, or heís just still in shock from Obamaís victory. I believe he can do better, and here are my suggestions to him. Stop trying to please your (good ole boy) friends, and just speak your mind, and from your heart. If you read something from another source, fact check it first before you add to it, and send it in.

Finally, if itís not in the water my friend, then check your medication, because youíre really beginning to worry not only me but probably your (good ole boy) friends and neighbors, too.

Future Wadley Resident
Clyde DíAntignack


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