February 7, 2013 Issue


Paul on Wrens plant

Dear Editor:

Several weeks ago two informative front-page articles about the fracking bead factory under construction in the Wrens area were published in The News and Farmer.

Among other things, the article reported that arrangements/agreements have been completed for the mining of kaolin on 5,500 acres of land in Jefferson County. Folks, thatís 5,500 acres of open pit mining. But the article didnít say where these acres are located in the county, surely they are not in your backyard, but just think, if you donít like the landscape, you can dig it up, move it or burn it. And, also, think about all of those little twinkle lights 24/7. Wrens will have its spectacular light show every night of the year.



Not too long ago, I heard a report which may be related. The mystery of why tumble bugs can roll their little balls of dung in a straight line has been solved. They are guided by the light from the Milky Way.

Without the light from the stars in the Milky Way, dung beetles roll their little dung balls in circles. Itís been tested and proven, verified and certified.

So, after the factory in Wrens is completed, the local dung beetles probably wonít be able to do their work because of light pollution from the fracking bead factory and, as a result, thereís going to be a bunch of extra poop around Wrens in the future -- locally grown sludge of sorts.

Best regards,

Warriors of the JEDI
Bill Paul

One finger pulled the trigger

It must be something in the water, or someone is very, very delusional. Why would I say this? Well letís stop and think about what we all read last week. (Who pulled the trigger) The writer blamed, and said that:

(1.) The Abortionists did it.
(2.) The Drunk Drivers did it.
(3.) The Evolutionists did it.
(4.) The Atheists did it
(5.) The Entertainment Industry did it.
(6.) Our Government did it.
(7.) The Mass Media did it.

Well, if you think about those seven (who-did-its), youíre saying to yourself, maybe some of those are responsible. Hello, I beg to differ, so let me wake you up and jog your senses. None of the above (did-it). It was a young man, who was well taught and trained, by his mother, how to use firearms, and was screwed up so bad, that he not only killed her, other adults and 20 precious children. Most of the experts are thinking and saying he was mentally ill. I understand why they would think that, they want more funding for, and in each state for mental illness.

Like all of the mass killers before him, (and this is my opinion), what he did was a well thought out plan to kill and be remembered for all time. If youíll take a moment or two and think long and hard, each one of these mass killers, try to out-do the last one, if they can. If he were so upset with Mom, after killing her, why not just shoot himself at home and be done with it? No, that wasnít enough. He wouldnít be remembered for long, just for killing her and himself, so he armed himself to the teeth, went to where he had planned, and killed (God forbid), until he got tired, then killed himself.

Now common sense should be telling you, plain and simple, (who pulled the trigger). As far as I know and Iíve yet to hear otherwise, he wasnít an Abortionist, a Drunk Driver, an Evolutionist, an Atheist, an Entertainer, member of the Government, or part of the Mass Media. They, ladies and gentlemen, didnít do it. He and only he, pulled the trigger.

I would like to inform the letter writer, that his letter was long, but to blame this tragedy on everybody else, just to have us read between the lines that he is for guns, was weak and just down right sad. Then he insulted the readers, by ending with one more (who did it), really took the cake, and I quote: (A society filled with degradation has to have helped pull the trigger). Somebody please, hurry up, and call the police.

Sadly this tragedy has not awakened the minds of America, nor the minds of the NRA, its members and non members. While reading some comments on a Washington Post forum last night, some guy was blaming Obama for what happened, and then said proudly that he has taught his 5-year old grandson how to shoot, and no one is going to take their guns, away from them. Can you believe an idiot like that? Teaching a child at that age to shoot a gun.

Let me end this by saying, if his 5-year-old grandson grows up, kills him and others, before killing himself, America, who would you say pulled the trigger?

Future Wadley Resident
Clyde DíAntignac


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