January 31, 2013 Issue


We need animal control

Dear Editor:

I am writing this in attempt to shame our local government into establishing some type of animal control (rescue/adoption/spay/neuter) system or agency in order to get a handle on, prevent or at least reduce the insane number of feral dogs/cats suffering in this area.

Why do other cities (even Wrens) have systems in place and we do not?



Animal neglect/abuse is now a felony.

Iím sure there is funding available via state or federal government grants. Are we too lazy to do our job? To fill out forms and make calls to get this done?

I am astounded and ashamed of the neglect, lack of interests and zero-effort our elected officials have concerning issues such as these.

Patrick Clark

Who pulled the trigger?

All sensible and caring Americans were shocked and saddened by the senseless killing of school children and teachers in Newtown, Conn., a few days ago. Being a father, grandfather and great-grandfather myself, my heart goes out to the families affected. But who really pulled the trigger?

It is my understanding that 20 children, six or seven years of age, six teachers and the gunman and his mother were killed. An American tragedy. But where is the outrage over more than 3,000 unborn babies being killed in the abortion mills daily? When children grow up in a society where human life means nothing, should we be surprised when an unstable person or an evil person does such a dastardly deed? The abortionist helped pull the trigger.

More than 40,000 persons are killed in auto accidents in the country annually. Many by drunken drivers, or at best, impaired drivers. That is over 100 deaths daily, but the alcohol industry thrives. I believe they helped pull the trigger.

There are evolutionists who try, and often succeed, in a classroom setting , in destroying the faith of an impressionable young man or woman. If we evolved, who do we give an account to? We are just as an animal, a beast, who has no consciousness of doing any wrong. I believe the godless professors or teachers who teach evolution as a fact and destroys the moral fiber of anyone helped pull the trigger.

Atheists, who deny the existence of God, take away any accounting we have of answering to our creator. The evolutionist and the atheist have much in common. I believe they helped pull the trigger.

The entertainment industry, including Hollywood, has for years glorified the tough guys, glamorizing an ungodly lifestyle, with glitz and beauty, with no thought of a judgment. The expensive automobiles, the lavish surroundings, palatial homes all say this is what counts. I believe they helped pull the trigger.

Our government, which takes young men into the armed forces, shows them movies of men, women and children being lined up, shot and bulldozed into a trench and being covered with dirt to suffocate to death if the bullets didnít completely kill. They after serving in the Armed Forces, being returned to the USA, released from active duty, with no debriefing, many suffering Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, to fend with the horrors of war, criticism from fellow citizens, joblessness and disillusion. (I served in 1951-1953 during the Korean War.) I believe our own government helped pull the trigger.

Some segments of the mass media sensationalize the stories of multiple killings by reporting the number killed, the number wounded, the type or types of weapons used and whether a new record was set as though that would be something desired. They helped the trigger to be pulled.

Our nation has not won a war since 1945. Yet the scriptures tell us in Psalm 33:12, ďBlessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.Ē There was a time when we acknowledged God as Americaís Lord. We were greatly blessed. But God warns in Psalm 9:17, ďThe wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God.Ē

Prayer is not allowed in school until a catastrophe happens and then the community calls for prayer. An ounce of prevention is worth 10,000 new laws. May God help us.

The homes I have lived in for more than 30 years all had guns of various calibers or gauges. Daddy and my older brothers used them to provide much of the meat we ate in the 1930s and 1940s. We were a larger family, me being the youngest of 11. Daddyís family was even larger. My motherís family had six children. With all the dozens of family members, all with guns to help provide food, I have never known of anyone on either side of the family being in trouble concerning a firearm or causing trouble for anyone else with the use of a gun.

Our society as it is today with family life ridiculed on most TV sitcoms, homes and churches under attack, sin and immorality being the new normal, has to bear much of the guilt of what has and is happening in America. A society filled with degradation has to have helped pull the trigger. Many of us share part of the guilt for allowing it.

Donald F. Lumpkin

Jones upset over burning near her home

On Sunday evening Jan. 27, I did not have the serenity of coming from church sitting down to dinner and relaxing with my family. I arrived home at approximately 4:45 p.m. My home is located on Highway 78 between Highway 1 and the city limit of Wadley. The left side of Highway 78 is a dense forest area of pine trees and pine straw. This area was burning choking black smoke in front of my home, from 4:45 p.m. throughout the evening and into the night and early Monday morning.

After a while, smoke was slowly seeping into my home. I had to turn my heat off and turn on my ceiling fans and fans in my bathrooms for ventilation. I could not open the front or back door and windows because the smoke was so strong.

In the meantime, I tried to contact four city officials. I did contact one of the officials. I was told the complaint would get checked on. I left detailed messages via voicemail for the other three officials, which I received no response on Sunday evening or Monday. On Monday morning I did contact another city official and that response was, ďThis is not a city problem we donít issue fire permits.Ē By this response I felt that these city officials were not concerned enough about the citizens on Midville Highway. Since the fire or smoke was not causing them any breathing problems or smoking up their home and no fire was blazing up in front of their home. Why were the city of Wadley officials not aware that the Forestry Department would be burning this area on a Sunday?

Secondly, the Forestry Department never posted any signs during the previous week that this area would be burned on Sunday. After the fire was started no one from the Forestry Department came back out to check on the fire or the level of smoke. When the laws are implemented it is for a reason. When a permit is issued to (burn land or trash etc.) someone is responsible for that permit. When the Forestry Department starts a fire who is responsible? When a fire is left unattended who is responsible? Why would the Forestry issue a permit to burn on Sunday? Who is responsible for my home, furniture and clothes being filled with smoke? Financially, this is not acceptable.

In conclusion, citizens of Wadley be aware when problems occur in the city and residents need assistance or answers or make a complaint. Some city officials forget they represent the citizens of Wadley, 24-hours-a-day, not only Monday through Friday (9-5). When a citizen of Wadley is asked to support you as a candidate for election he/she is talked to and treated like a first class citizen. When a citizen has a complaint or disagrees with some of these city officials he/she is treated like a third class citizen or totally ignored completely. City officials remember you represent the citizens of Wadley.

Erma Jones

Davis brags on hospital and citizens who came to aid

Like everyone else we often only hear the complaints and not the compliments.

I want to remind the people of this town we have a wonderful services right in or own community and need to say thank you more often.

David fell on the way to the post office this past Saturday, and dislocated his right shoulder. I wish I knew the names of all the people who interrupted their busy morning to come to his aid. There were friends, neighbors, a policeman, our mail carrier and several others involved in getting him into an ambulance and safely to the hospital.

Thanks to the staff at Jefferson Hospital, he was rushed through the red tape and his pain eased as quickly as possible.

Rita, Joy, your nursing care was exceptional! Dr. Nash, I canít thank you enough. I was impressed with your calm, your research and expertise, your pain management, and most of all, your kindness. We need more doctors like you.

All of the staff at Jefferson Hospital succeeded in making a traumatic experience as pleasant as possible with a job well done. Thank you!

Gloria Davis

Rose sales help Rotary serve county

Fellow Citizens of Jefferson County:

Itís not often you have an opportunity to do something good for yourself and the community, too. But your countyís Rotary Club is giving you a chance to do just that.

The Rotary Club is selling beautiful Knock-Out roses, robust flowering plants that possess many commendable qualities. Although they require full sun, they are otherwise hard to kill. These roses grow rapidly, are disease resistant, donít need much water and thrive in virtually any type of soil. And best of all, the little beauties bloom all summer long.

Local Rotarians are now accepting orders. So hereís your chance to beautify your yard for spring. And one of the great features of the sale is that we will deliver the plants to you for free. After you place your order, a Rotarian will bring your Knock-Out roses to your door. No money is due until the delivery is made and we are sure you are satisfied with your roses.

The plants themselves are produced by Breaking Free, a life-changing ministry located in Davisboro. Breaking Freeís mission is to help young men caught in the pernicious trap of addiction. By providing the proper tools and a transforming faith, the program aims to remake these men into productive members of society.

To place your order, just call (478) 364-3644 and ask for me.

And if a Rotarian asks you about the Knock-Out roses, say yes, both to enhanced beauty for your home, and for a stronger community as well.

Thanks in advance for your support,

Roger Burge
Rotary Club of
Jefferson County

DíAntignac on Sandy Hook tragedy

I donít know what to think of my friendís letter last week, but it sounded as if he were making jokes. Hammers and clubs did more killing than guns. Who in their right mind knows of anyone, past, or present who killed 20 children at one time with a hammer or club? Was he joking or what? I really want to know. If I read it wrong, I am sorry, but (Hug your gun today), get real, please. I suggest to him and others who think like him, try hugging your loved ones and friends, tell them you love them, then if you ever have the need to use that shotgun, hopefully youíll use it for the good of you and your family.

The deaths of those kids in Connecticut were no joke. All of these people running around crying about the Second Amendment, and running to the gun shows, and stores to buy a gun, is just about what the ill informed would do.

With unemployment still somewhat high, and people crying about not having a job, one would wonder where these people get the money to buy these high priced guns. Some already have one or two guns to protect life, family, and property, but let Fox News say that Pres. Obama is coming to take their guns, theyíll skip paying house notes, buying groceries, and even medicine for themselves. They have no idea of how they made the president sound like a genius, rather than an elitist, when back in 2008 he said that they would cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who arenít like them. (Hello somebody, call the police).

Now, let me answer someone that sent me an email about Congressman Barrow. I was informed by this person, that the video was made in October, and Sandy Hooks murders happen after it. My answer to that person is this. There were others before he made his video, including the assassination attempt in January 2011, that left Rep. Gabrielle Gifford of Arizona shot in the head, killing six others, wounding 13, and included in those six deaths, was a 9-year-old child.

To you, and my friend thatís hugging his gun, Iíll give Barrow no slack, and especially all of those NRA members who think like him. What I will say to you, and all of those that think that guns are more important than people, especially children, Iíll pray for you, and wish you well. Iíll leave you with this, and hope it will jar some sanity into some of youÖhe who lives by the gun, dies by the gun.

Future Wadley Resident
Future Wadley


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