January 24, 2013 Issue


Gordy applauds work, worried over lack of jobs

Dear Editor:

I wish to commend Mayor Larry Morgan, City Administrator Ricky Sapp, Councilmembers for the City of Louisville and especially employees of the local sanitation department.

Why? For initiating a cleanup program of an eyesore...hopefully eyesores!



As I drove to town via Walnut Street recently, I noticed city workmen busily engaged in doing away with overgrowth of years on a large vacant lot and on the embankment that made up the front of the lot.

Locally, we have many such unsightly areas spread around town, including Tenth Street, Fifth Street near the courthouse and other sections where minorities live.

Speaking of minorities, residents of Rufus Wren’s Quarters are to be saluted for launching many, many months ago their own effort to beautify and clean up that area.

The writer of this letter is sure city officials are well aware of these blighted areas of Louisville mentioned, including rotting structures here whose paint has long-since peeled off.

This letter-writer again lauds city hall for continuing its efforts to update old street signs.

For one who has traveled over a good part of Europe when in an intelligence unit in Germany at the height of the Cold War during the Korean Conflict era, and earlier went to many large cities in the United States while training in the Air Force. Later in college and while employed with daily newspapers over much of the Peach State, I saw the beauty all over Georgia. I chose to return here to semi-retire.

I am proud of the good things that are happening not only in Louisville, but all over Jefferson County.

One thing this writer is not proud of is the lack of jobs in Jefferson County.

PyraMax in Wrens is certainly good news. But the county remains a pocket of poverty based on per-capita income.

With Thermo King gone and once bustling J.P. Stevens Finishing Plant is long-since a part of Louisville’s now dead economic prosperity.

Gone, too, are the Delilah curtain and drapery plant here which closed to merge with the firm’s Samson plant in its Waynesboro facility instead of the other way around. When NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement), endorsed by both democrats and republicans, until it became law. It was the first blow to the local economic plight.

That lead to the unbottling of the heavy machinery involved in finishing wool cloth at the Forstmann facility...which bought out J.P. Stevens. This machinery was shipped to cheap labor Mexico.

Louisville once had a plant that we could just as well have done without. This enterprise was manufacturing large electrical transformers such as those used by Georgia Power Co. and Jefferson Energy Co-op. It was located here on the Midville Road.

It was later determined that this plant, I believe, left behind PCBs when it closed.

With Louiville getting the “jump” on spring cleaning, we here should look ahead, and as the Bible encorages Christians to do, think positively and keep our minds filled with good thoughts, such as the cleanup projects going on on Walnut Street and Rufus Wren’s Quarters.

Maybe our best days here lie ahead.


Bob Gordy

Renewable energy is the answer, not coal

Georgia Power has announced that it will make significant reductions in its coal units in the future because it doesn’t make good economic sense to continue with coal as a fuel source. Last week the company announced it will shutter 10 coal fired units across the state and convert two units from coal fueled to natural gas.

The announcement and long-ranging planning includes two more units at Plant Branch on Lake Sinclair. Two units there are scheduled to be offline at the end of this year, and now Georgia Power will ask the Public Service Commission about taking the remaining two coal units offline in 2015.

Georgia Power President and CEO Paul Bowers said, “These decisions were made after extensive analysis and are necessary in order for us to maintain our commitment to provide the most reliable and affordable electricity to our customers.” Sandersville businessman Charles Tarbutton, a supporter of Plant Washington, is a member of the Georgia Power Board of Directors.

So far our elected county officials and the Washington EMC (WEMC) have failed to produce any type of business analysis of Plant Washington, yet the senior management and directors of WEMC chose to spend $1 million of the members’ dollars on the project. Our EMC continues to insist it has been a good investment, despite the fact that brand new EMC owned coal plants in other states have been deemed too expensive to operate and have never generated any power for co-op customers. The bank notes on those plants still have to be paid, even though the plants aren’t generating power or revenue. Before any Washington County or WEMC leaders commit another dime towards Plant Washington we are asking for an independent pro forma report on the project.

In the five years since Plant Washington was announced we’ve all heard a lot about the thousands of jobs the plant will bring. Dean Alford, the developer, promised Washington County a job fair in late November of last year. That still hasn’t happened.

It is time for Washington County and EMC leaders to swallow the bitter pill that Plant Washington has become. Renewable energy is creating jobs and gaining ground in Georgia. We ought to get on that train now before it leaves the station.

Katherine Helms Cummings
FACE Executive Director

Obama cannot take your guns

Being retired, I have a decent amount of time on my hands, doing nothing much on the weekends. This past Friday, while flipping through the Uverse channels, I heard the name John Barrow, democrat from Georgia, and he was holding an old rifle in his hands. The announcer said she would return, after the break to let her viewers know why he had the gun.

When she returned, she played an NRA video of Congressman Barrow, first showing a pistol he pulled from his back pocket, stating that it was his grandfather’s and it had stopped a lynching. Next the congressman held up the rifle that caught my attention while flipping through channels and said it also was his father’s and that it was used to keep the family safe. He then went on to say both guns were his now, and that’s why he was proud to be a spokesman for the NRA, because he was a strong believer in the Second Amendment, and nobody is going to take his guns away from him.

First let me be clear from the jump. I believe in the Second Amendment, I own guns also out here in Texas. I won’t sit here and say no one will take them from me. What I will say is, they are in my home to defend life and property. After defending life and property, I’m asked to turn them over until the event of someone trying to break into my home is investigated, I will.

I wrote in one of my blogs a week or two ago, about representatives from both parties throughout the last 30 years who have disappointed me, and this congressman has joined their ranks. As I watched his video, my thoughts were, had I been living in Georgia this past election, I would have voted for him. Would I vote for him in the future, I think not.

With the many deaths from hand guns and automatic rifles, you’d think he and all that think like him, would be more respectful of the dead, especially of those 20 children who were killed. Just not too long ago someone tried to kill one of his party members. I hope he gets to read this, and if he does, here’s what I want him to ask himself. What if it was one or both of his kids who were riddled through like some of those kids were in Connecticut? Would he allow his video to be viewed proudly for the NRA? I think not. And if he did, he would be less of a man than I think he is, right now.

He, and so many other members of the NRA, are trying to give the impression to the people of this nation that their guns and their rights to have and own a gun will be taken away. I understand the reason the idiots who run the NRA do what they do, but to have senators, congressmen, lie blatantly about someone or anyone walking on your or my Second Amendment rights to own and have a gun, is ludicrous.

The bottom line is this, Pres. Obama cannot take your guns from you, and he cannot make laws to do it, even if he wanted to. He has never said at anytime that he wants to change or get rid of the Second Amendment. If we the people will listen to what he has said, you would know for yourself, that he has never said anything to the affect of taking your guns. Congress, and only Congress, has that power to change or make those kinds of laws.

Clyde D’Antignac
Future Wadley Resident

Hug your gun today

FBI statistics, as reported by Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/assault-weapon-deaths-statistics/2013/01/03/id/469982?=al&prom code=1161C-1#ixzz2HOyxDuMT, indicate that murder by the use of hammers and clubs far exceeded the murders by rifles which is what Senator Diane Feinstien wants banned in totality and enforcing such by confiscation.

Since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.in December of 2012, democrats have made reinstatement of the Assault Weapons Ban a major priority for the 113th Congress despite the fact that relatively few murders are committed with the weapon they want banned. FBI records show that in 2011 more than 60 percent of the murders committed with rifles, clubs and hammers combined were by the use of clubs and hammers. Murder by use of these same weapons over several years show approximately the same ratio and some individual years the murders using hands and fists numbered twice the number killed by rifles.

How many people do you know who were killed with a rifle? How many do you know who were beaten to death/murdered by hands and fists? How many people do you know who are law-abiding citizens that have used a rifle to murder anyone? How many of you feel safer knowing you have a rifle/shotgun handy when/if someone breaks into your home with the intent to take what you have, including your life? How many of you have been properly trained to use a gun of any type and know the laws on the use of that gun? It is vital that we address all the above before we are suddenly thrown into a situation where we need to make an instant decision whether or not we need to use a gun. In Georgia one may use a gun when/if he feels he, his family, friends, etc. wellbeing is threatened. Get this knowledge before you get caught up in something where you may make an ill-advised move with your weapon.

Do you own a gun of any type? Do you know how to use it properly? Do you know what action you are legally entitled to take with a gun in Georgia? Did you know you can get help with all these questions, including on the proper use of a firearm, by contacting your Sheriff’s office?

In no way am I saying even one murder is okay but we are dealing with a problem that affects all of us even if some of us are only affected by the news that another innocent person has been slaughtered by those that perpetrate most of these type killings, the mentally ill.

In my opinion these types of people will be with us forever and that presents an ongoing problem that we, if we are to select anything to combat this problem, need to be paying ultimate attention to identifying the mentally ill, along with getting all guns out of the hands of criminals because being a criminal means you couldn’t care less what laws are already in force or that may be passed in the future.

While identifying these types we must work harder to see those perpetrators, not identified as mentally ill, do not get possession of guns of any type. It is already illegal for a felon to own, carry or use a firearm so why do so many have weapons?

Apparently there are a number of people out there who deal illegally in guns as an occupation or hobby but many such guns are stolen from individuals and businesses, which is also illegal. We already have laws against what is behind the huge majority of these killings. If only we could identify the mentally ill before they obtain a firearm of any type!

Have you hugged your family today? Tomorrow may not get here for some so do your hugging while they are still with us!

PS: Don’t forget to hug your gun and keep it where children cannot access it but where you can quickly access it and remember, the most scary sound to a home invader is the sound of a pump shotgun action being worked and it is pretty hard to miss with a shotgun. If the misguided in Washington, D.C., don’t ban and confiscate shotguns, too.

Robert Clements,


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