January 10, 2013 Issue


Higher taxes on the rich is not the answer

Dear Editor:

Just how dumb are we as a nation? We are told over and over that the best solution is to “tax the rich” and even children have taken up the cry. There is a basic misunderstanding of how our bills are paid in this country. The “rich” are targeted by those who know better but put it out there to make some folks believe it is only fair for the “rich” to pay more and that your friendly Congress person and president are looking out for you. While nothing could be farther from the truth. Most sheeple buy into this and in doing so bite the very hand that feeds them by joining in on this fiasco.

I am confident in saying no one has been offered a job by a “poor” person but it goes much deeper. Define the “rich” anyway you like but in the real world the “rich” provide much more than paying the most taxes by far but provide jobs for our lower and middleclass citizens thereby taking/keeping them off the unemployed rolls. When one starts to think about increasing the tax on the “rich” most often very little, if any, thought is given to the real scenario. The real scenario is that most rich folks didn’t get there by being dumb/stupid. Naturally some inherited their wealth but for the most part businesses, large and small, are the results of somebody or group making an investment of time and money to reach whatever level of success they achieve.



When one starts yelling to tax the rich that person is ignorant of the way things actually work or has ulterior motives. Many companies have been accused of “sending jobs out of the country” but don’t understand that this oftentimes is necessary for that company to survive because, beginning long years ago unions have bullied and pressured their goals so high that many groups had to send their raw materials out of the country for fabrication because finished products can be obtained by sending the raw materials out, getting the product completed and shipped back to America cheaper than the unions will do it. Now that we can see what is going on in that scenario it is easy to understand why increasing the tax on the rich is exactly opposite of where we should be going.

Picture yourself as an owner of a company, any company, that puts you into the “rich” category and you find yourself being required to pay much higher taxes than you did last year. If your company is to survive you must do one of several things.

1) You can raise the price of your product/service which will be passing your extra expense of doing business to guess who? The consumer, that’s who, and the vast majority of the consumers are guess who? Middle and lower class people, that’s who so there is no deadly impact on you as the “rich” but the overtaxed middleclass will suffer negative impacts on purchasing your now more expensive product. If your product is critical for your consumers there is no way they can just refuse to purchase the now higher products you were forced to raise the price on so you could stay in business and keep your employees out of the evergrowing unemployment line.

2) You can send your raw materials out of the country to get fabricated provided your product must be fabricated. Otherwise this is not an option.

3) You can close your doors thereby putting all your employees into the unemployment line and hope you have enough to survive on or you too can head for the unemployment line.

Raising taxes on the “rich” will close many businesses and those that survive by the above method 1) will simply pass the taxes aimed at them on to the consumer which as previously noted is you and me. More taxes on the “rich” add more expense to any company or individual who, in order to survive must either pass the extra cost on or they too will eventually all show up at the unemployment line.

Now you know this, your boss knows this, your Congress person knows this and yes, your President knows this. Too bad but that is the way it works...until we tax the “rich” out of existence.

Robert Clements,

Lampp on fines article

In reference to the article in your publication dated Jan. 3, 2013, about ethics and fines, I would like for the people of Jefferson County to know that not one of the four constitutional officers are behind in filing and owes no fees. This includes the clerk of court and tax commissioner.

I checked this information with Suzanne Cross, CMP, Executive Director, Constitutional Officer’s Association of GA, Inc., before writing this letter

Thank you.

Yours very truly,

Asholyn Powell Lampp,
Probate judge of Jefferson County

Food pantry says thanks

Thanks to all our food pantry supporters. During 2012, we distributed 43,869 pounds of food to needy families. Approximately 30 percent of our clients were over age 60. Another 30 percent were children under the age of 18 and the remainder were people between the ages of 18 and 60. Although some of our clients receive some additional help from food stamps, only one family receives welfare. Jefferson County has helped to ease the burden of parents, grandparents and children who might otherwise fall through the cracks. Lettie Cofer Mohammad, administrator Marianne C. Miller, secretary

Lettie Cofer Mohammad,
Marianne C. Miller,


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