December 5, 2013 Issue


DAVID C. IRWIN & REBECCA P. IRWIN has petitioned to be appointed Administrator of the estate of HEATHER IRWIN PHILLIPS d e c e a s e d , o f s a i d County. (The Petitioner has also applied for waiver of bond and/or grant of certain powers contained in O.C.G.A. §53-12-261.) All interested parties are hereby notified to show cause why said petition should not be granted. All objections to the petition must be i n w r i t i n g , s e t t i n g f o r t h t h e grounds of any such objections, and must be filed with the court on or before 10:00 AM, December 18, 2013. All pleadings/objections must be signed under oath before a notary public or before a probate court clerk, and filing fees m u s t b e t e n d e r e d w i t h y o u r pleadings/objections, unless you qualify to file as an indigent party. Contact probate court personnel at the following address/telephone number for the required amount of filing fees. If any objections are filed, a hearing will be scheduled at a later date. If no objections are filed, the petition may be granted without a hearing.

Judge of the Probate Court
Ron Williford, Clerk
202 East Broad St.
Louisville, GA 30434
16176638 219w 11/28/4p


IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF JEFFERSON COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA JOE M. GOODSON, PLAINTIFF VS. MARY E. GOODSON, DEFENDANT TO: MARY E. GOODSON By order of the court for service by publication dated November 1st, 2013 you are hereby notified that on 1st day of February, 2011, Joe M. Goodson, filed suit against you for divorce. You are required to file with the clerk of the Superior Court, and to serve upon plaintiff’s attorney, H. Brannen Bargeron, Post Office Box 866, Louisville, Georgia 30434 an answer in writing within sixty (60) days of November 14. Witness the Honorable Kathy S. Palmer, Judge of Jefferson County Superior Court. This 6th day of November, 2013. Na-Quilla Davis, Chief Deputy Clerk Superior Court, Jefferson County Post Office Box 151 Louisville, Georgia 30434 16162007 129w 11/14/4c

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that on December 20, 2013, at 10:00 A.M., at the Jefferson County Courthouse in the City of Louisville, Georgia, Judge Robert S. Reeves of the Superior Court of Jefferson County will hear the case of STATE OF GEORGIA vs. DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY OF JEFFERSON COUNTY, GEORGIA and PYRAMAX CERAMICS SOUTHEAST, LLC, Civil Action File No. 13CV00611, in the Superior Court of Jefferson County, the same being a proceeding to confirm and validate the revenue bond designated "Development Authority of Jefferson County, Georgia Industrial Development Revenue Bond (PyraMax Ceramics Southeast, LLC Project), Series 2013" (the "Bond"), in the original principal amount of $210,000,000. The Bond is to be issued by the Development Authority of Jefferson County, Georgia (the "Issuer") for the purpose of financing the costs of acquiring land, buildings, improvements, machinery, fixtures, furnishings, equipment, and other real and personal property located within the territorial limits of Jefferson County, Georgia constituting ceramic proppant production facilities located at 1300 Commerce Connector in unincorporated Jefferson County, Georgia, to be leased by the Issuer to PyraMax Ceramics Southeast, LLC (the "Lessee"), a Delaware limited liability company, in order to develop and promote trade, commerce, industry, and employment opportunities for the public good and the general welfare, to promote the general welfare of the State of Georgia, and to increase or maintain employment in the territorial area of Jefferson County, all in accordance with the provisions of a proposed Lease Agreement between the Issuer and the Lessee. In such proceeding the Court will also pass on the validity of the security for the payment of the Bond, which consists of the Lease Agreement, a proposed Assignment and Security Agreement between the Issuer and PyraMax Ceramics Southeast, LLC (in such capacity, the "Bond Buyer"), and a proposed Bond Purchase Agreement between the Issuer and the Bond Buyer, all proposed to be executed in connection therewith. All questions of law and fact pertaining to the right to issue the Bond and to provide the security therefor will be heard and determined. Any citizen of the State of Georgia residing in Jefferson County, Georgia, or any person wherever residing who has a right to object, may intervene and become a party to this proceeding. WAIVER OF PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY: NO PERFORMANCE AUDIT OR PERFORMANCE REVIEW UNDER SECTION 36-82-100 OF THE OFFICIAL CODE OF GEORGIA ANNOTATED SHALL BE CONDUCTED WITH RESPECT TO THE BOND. This the 2nd day of December, 2013. Clerk, Superior Court of Jefferson County 16186066 414w 12/5/2p

TAX SALE REDEMPTION NOTICE Notice is hereby given to the MARY L. CASTOR ESTATE & HEIRS KNOWN AND UNKNOWN, WILLIAM S. DILL AND TRISH ARRINGTON, in regards to Tax Sale Property located in Jefferson County, Georgia, the right to redeem the following described property, to-wit: ALL THAT PARCEL OR TRACT OF LAND LYING, AND BEING IN THE 81ST DISTRICT, G.M., OF JEFFERSON COUNTY, GEORGIA, CONSISTING OF 0.99 ACRES, MORE OR LESS, BEING A PORTION OF THAT TRACT AS SHOWN IN DEED BOOK 208, AT PAGE 65, IN THE OFFICE OF THE CLERK OF SUPERIOR COURT, JEFFERSON COUNTY, GEORGIA. LESS AND EXCEPT THAT TRACT AS DESCRIBED IN DEED BOOK 263, AT PAGE 158, IN THE OFFICE OF THE CLERK OF SUPERIOR COURT, JEFFERSON COUNTY, GEORGIA. AS DESCRIBED IN DEED BOOK 114, PAGE 400. FURTHER DESCRIBED AS MAP AND PARCEL NUMBER 008 2001. REDEMPTION will expire and be forever foreclosed and barred on and after the 31st day of December, 2013. The Tax Deed to which this notice relates is dated the 2nd day of October, 2012 and is recorded in the Office of the Clerk of Superior Court of Jefferson County, Georgia in Deed Book 503, at pages 211-212. The property may be redeemed at any time before 5:00 p.m. on the 31st day of December, 2013, by payment of the redemption price as fixed and provided by law to the Law Office of Tyler C. Mahaffey, LLC Attorney at Law, Attorney for Darrell Nickles and Julie Nickles, 104 South Main Street, Post Office Box 859, Wrens, Georgia 30833. Contact number (706) 547-6011. This 20th day of November 2013. Tyler C. Mahaffey Law Office of Tyler C. Mahaffey, LLC - Attorney for Darrell Nickles and Julie Nickles 104 S. Main St. - P.O. Box 859 Wrens, Georgia 30833 (706) 547-6011 16186232 299w 12/5/4p


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