December 6, 2012 Issue


SCLC thanks voters

Dear Editor:

Jefferson County--Many citizens fought long and hard for everyone from the age of 18-years-old to have the privilege to cast their ballot. So, your vote is important!

When bond issues and propositions are on our local ballot, they directly affect our local job supply, our property taxes and sales taxes. The people that we elect as our county officials must give us a fair deal before we can put our confidence in the politicians we place in state and federal positions.



When we do a good job voting locally, we can naturally put more trust in the people we choose for higher governing positions.

On Oct. 6, 2012 a voter education rally was held in Jefferson County on the courthouse lawn in Louisville. Our keynote speaker was Rev. Charles Steele, CEO of SCLC in Atlanta.

He emphasized the importance of “getting out to vote.”

The attendance for that meeting was very low for Jefferson County officials and our citizens. However, according to the results of teh Nov. 6, 2012 election, you came out and voiced your opinion in great numbers.

The Jefferson County Chapter of the SCLC thanks you and looks forward to receiving your continued support.

Bobby Adams, president
and other SCLC members

Rhodes served city well

“Pretty sidewalks, dressed in holiday style.” Remember this lyric?

Well, I don’t know about Louisville’s sidewalks as Christmas approaches, but soon-to-retire City Administrator Don Rhodes told me this week that the street signs that are weather-worn are being replaced by new ones.

He said some don’t need replacing.

We wish Mr. Rhodes many happy years away from the 9 to 5 routine.

During Don’s long tenure at city hall, many neede projects and grants came our town’s way, including the latest, the final phase of the Broad Street redesign.

Officials at City Hall also told me that one of the dilapidated structures on Peachtree Street recently has had a new roof put on it and other improvements.

While I’m writing this, I wish to commend our sanitation department. Along with all their other duties, they have been busy cleaning debris from the street gutters.

Mr. Rhodes’ replacement comes with a great deal of varied experience. He is Mr. Ricky Sapp, and I know he will do Louisville proud for many years to come.

Bob Gordy

Stewart sets rumors straight

There are a few things I need to straighten out in reference to gossip traveling in Glascock County. On Thanksgiving, Nov. 22, my mom passed away at home. By the time her funeral was over, I got wind of some ugly rumors traveling around this gossiping county.

The gossip was regarding the reasons she died; 1. she had gotten bitten by something, 2. she couldn’t afford her medicine, 3. she couldn’t afford the doctor.

This was something nice to hear when I had to attend her funeral. Several people approached me regarding these ugly rumors and I have a few choice words to say to the ones that are spreading these nasty rumors, but the newspaper probably wouldn’t publish this article for me.

She was not bitten by anything, she visited the doctor regularly and she did have all her medicine because I made sure she had what she needed.

Honestly, I really don’t see where any of this was anyone’s business in the first place. I just wanted to get the gossiping people straight and anyone else that needed to know the facts.

For the ones who know me and still spread the ugly rumors, should have come to me personally. I can be a nice person or a total .....! One day, you might be put in my shoes and how would you feel then!

If or when I find out who you are, I have a new vocabulary for you.

To everyone else, I would like to send my sincere thanks for the calls, cards, prayers, visits, and food during our loss. A special thanks to Mr. Jerry Taylor and First Gibson Baptist Church members. Mom, may you rest in peace!


Michelle “Shelley” Stewart
Glascock County

D’Antignac responds

I appreciated last week suggestion that I should read Romans 16:17-18 which states: (17) I urge you, brothers and sisters, to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. Keep away from them. (18) For such people are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the minds of naive people.

The two verses remind me of the Tea party Republicans motto: (Their way, or no way). I’ll assume that he was talking about the President causing division among the people. He even went so far as to refer to “we ignorant voters in the last election.” I didn’t, nor would I call the voters ignorant. What I tried, and will continue to say here is, if he or anyone believed that voter suppression would help win a national election, they got a rude awakening on the night of 11-06-12.

You would think that they learned something from that shellacking, but they didn’t. You only have to look to the Senate majority leader in Georgia, to know they started planning more of the same, even before and after the elections. Talking about division, check this out: (On Oct. 11, at a closed-door meeting of the Georgia Republican caucus convened by the body’s majority leader, Chip Rogers a tea party activist told Republican lawmakers that Obama was mounting a diabolical mind control conspiracy.) Should I call him ignorant? No. I’ll just say he’s like a lot of Tea Party Republicans, in denial, and still in shock.

Believe me when I tell you, I’ll ignore a lot of things, but I’ll try not to ignore the Holy Spirit. I’m doing my best as of this moment to fight off the devil. So I’ll stop and thank God for all that he’s done not just for me and mine, but for you and yours too. I try not to throw stones, but let me say this: The Rev. Wright thing is old. Hasn’t your pastor ever said something he shouldn’t have, or you disagreed with? You really need to get over Rev. Wright. Our President has won two national elections, and if 53 percent of the voters have gotten over it, why haven’t you?

Now to your last suggestion, to read the Dake’s Bible. I will say this, and I hope your feelings don’t get hurt. I went looking for your Dake Bible, to see what it would cost to own one, and stumble upon this disturbing bit of information, about Mr. Dake:

During Finis Jennings Dake’s ministry, he was the center of a controversy. In 1937, he was convicted of violating the Mann Act by willfully transporting 16-year-old Emma Barelli across the Wisconsin state line “for the purpose of debauchery and other immoral practices.” The May 27, 1936, issue of the Chicago Daily Tribune reported that Dake registered at hotels in Waukegan, Bloomington, and East St. Louis with the girl under the name “Christian Anderson and wife.” In order to avoid a jury trial and the possibility of being sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in prison and a fine of $10,000, Dake pled guilty. Subsequently, he served six months in the House of Corrections in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Though he maintained his innocence of intent, his ordination with the Assemblies of God was revoked and he later joined the Church of God, Cleveland, Tenn.. While it is not known why he later ended his relationship with the Church of God, it is known that he eventually became independent of any denomination.

The 35,000 notes in the Dake Bible are considered by Christian theologians to be personal, rather than Biblically-based, commentary. Along with Dake’s annotated Bible, his other writings have been the source of controversy amongst theologians. While a small number of Christian theologians see his viewpoints on the gap theory and adoptionism to be possibilities, his interpretation of the Trinity is largely considered unorthodox and is rejected amongst Trinitarians and non-Trinitarians alike.

And, you say I should read his Bible, and study it. Whoa, somebody call the police. Compared to that child molester, I’d rather listen to Reverend Wright’s prattle.” I hope Dake changed his ways and desires, before he went on to meet his maker. Which by the way, Our God is not only a jealous God, He’s also a forgiving (Dake) God as well.

Future Wadley Resident
Clyde D’Antignac


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