November 15, 2012 Issue


A prayer for Obama

Dear Editor:

After the 2010 shellacking (as the president likes to call it), the democrats went back to the drawing board to see what they had done wrong. They found that if they had done what they were sent to do, like doing the thing they did between 2006 and Ď08, and let the other side keep doing what they were doing, they would be rewarded like they were in 2008. Well, it didnít pan out exactly that way, because they fell just a little short in the House, but gained more than they thought they would in the Senate, thanks to some idiotic comments about rape, and controlling womenís bodies. You would think that throughout the centuries, men would leave it to women to know what to do about, and with their bodies. If not, ladies and gentlemen, Iím looking forward to the (2014 midterm elections), already.

By now we all know, and there are some that are still in shock, that President Obama will do four (4) more years. I would be the last one to do a victory dance, spike the ball, or tell you I told you so. Like most Dems and Tea Drinking Repubs, even I thought it would be close.



To those who thought Romney was going to win by a land slide, Please read this slowly: Donít bet against the American voters. Now, to those that participated, and thought you could buy and supress the voters, you learned a valuable lesson. When it was all said and done, the President didnít even need what the other side thought, or even his own party thought he would need to win, Floridaís 29, and Ohioís 18 electoral (surppress the voters) votes.

Let me give some advice to all of those Fox Network viewers. You really should watch something else besides Fox. There is more to television news than Fox. Even if itís your favorite station, or network, go to some of the other news outlets, watch and learn that Fox is not the bible, when youíre looking for the truth. Thatís not to say that others wonít lie, but at least youíll get more than one side of the lie. Then you can make up your mind and try to do what Fox likes to think theyíre doing, that is being fair and balanced with the news. Iíll leave you with a Prayer my wife and I started reading a little over four years ago. Hopefully youíll copy, or print it out for your daily reading, and who knows, you just might pass it on, or at least I hope you will. I believe youíll be blessed for it, and those that receive it will be blessed as well. Itís prayers like this that will bring our country together, again.

For The President of The United States:

Almighty God, Ruler of the nations, regard with favor Your servant, the president of the United States. Grant him health of body and mind; make him strong to bear the burdens of his high office. Give him wisdom and understanding, that under his leadership our nation may be directed in the ways of righteousness and peace.

Teach me and all Christian citizens to realize that rule and authority in our country come from You and that our president is Your minister in the administration of his office. Keep us mindful of our obligation to support our president with fervent prayer and ready obedience to the laws of our country. Bless our president, I pray You, and make him a blessing to our people, to the glory of Your holy name, For Jesusí sake. Amen

Clyde DíAntignac
Future Wadley Resident


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