November 8, 2012 Issue


Fight to pull the plug

Dear Editor:

In reviewing the North Star Jefferson Renewable Energy Facility’s draft air quality permit number 4911-163-0036-E-01-00 several things become obvious. It will be generating energy, which is a good thing if it is needed but to generate energy bad stuff will be released into the air – a whole lot of bad stuff.

In fact it turns out the facility will be permitted to release 99,772 tons or 1,995,544 pounds of bad stuff every year. Yes, that is every year.



To put it in perspective this is equivalent to over 399,088 5-pound bags of sugar but it’s not sweet stuff being released into the air – it’s really bad stuff.

This can be confirmed by reading the draft permit that lists the scientific names of the bad stuff and the amounts allowed. It tells about the “scrubbers” that will reduce some of the bad stuff but gives them an efficiency rating of 16 percent and another bad stuff reduction item an efficiency rating of 36 percent. In selectively using ammonia to reduce bad stuff and some ammonia will escape. Just imagine if the 10,000 gallon ammonia storage tank leaks!

What should be a bright side reveals that opacity is permitted to 20 percent and up to 40 percent using their fire equipment.

There is no way this facility will be good for Jefferson County in the long run. Let your commissioner know how you feel about what the future will be for your children and grandchildren.

If you are interested in the future of Jefferson County and not having 1,995,544 pounds of bad stuff permitted to be released into the air every year you will fight to pull the plug on this project.

Kay F. Heilig

Rename street for Johnson

On Nov. 5, 2012, the city of Wadley lost an important member of our community, Dr. Shawn Johnson. I would like the leaders of the city of Wadley to dedicate Bedingfield Street after Dr. Johnson who has been a blessing to the city of Wadley for many years as an educator and friend.

I think the city should honor her with a street that she traveled so many years to educate our children. I pray that we make all attempts to show our gratitude for Dr. Johnson who was a friend, educator and pillar in our community.

Whatever steps are necessary, I am sure the leaders of the city of Wadley can come together and honor this great educator.


Wesley L. Lewis
Wadley Chief of Police


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