September 27, 2012 Issue


You know who you are

Dear Editor:

On Sept. 4, 2012, two male puppies were found abandoned at the trash dumpsters on the highway between Wrens and Matthews. These puppies were sick, malnourished, covered with fleas and diseased skin, all of which caused much suffering, fear and distress for these little guys. They had been abandoned in this condition.

Unable to touch them, I guided them away from the dumpsters to a cleaner and safer area. I fed and watered them for four days while trying to get help for them. Numerous rescue facilities in several surrounding counties were unable to take the puppies, either because they did not have room or because of the health condition of the puppies.



On Friday, Sept. 7, my friend, Robert Parker, graciously helped me transfer the puppies to the Wester Veterinary Clinic in Thomson, where they became Little Stray 1 and Little Stray 2. I funded the wellness effort and treatment for these puppies because it was the right thing to do. The vet said if a puppy is not touched and handled within the first eight weeks of life, it would not likely make a good pet. I think they will make wonderful pets, because I feel they had already been touched by the hand of God.

Again, my heartfelt thanks to Robert for helping me and for caring as much for the puppies as I did. And a very special thank you to Robert’s mom who offered to foster the puppies until a home can be found for them.

Thank you to the Wester Veterinary Clinic Staff, and especially Dr. Ken Dougan, for your love and care for all animals…especially on that blessed day for Little Stray 1 and Little Stray 2.

Statistics of unwanted animals aside, one final message. Please do not repeat this scenario. Please do not abandon helpless little animals. Talk to someone. Ask someone for help. This was a deeply saddened time in my life.

I am speaking from my heart to the person who threw out these puppies. Please do not do this again. You know who you are.

Sherma Ashcraft

Let us remember Bill

On 13 September family members and friends will remember the man who never met a stranger, the man who disappeared from Jefferson County without a trace. September 2012 marks the 10th anniversary of the disappearance of Bill “BoPeep” Farrer.

The disappearance was investigated by local and state law enforcement as well as by family members. To this day BoPeep’s disappearance is still a mystery--what could have happened to the man who always greeted people with “God loves you and so do I.” What a memorial to remember him by!

Several years back we had to let go and move on; so we gave the case over into God’s hands. Bill is with the Lord--a much better place than we can ever visualize. I’m most certain he is at peace and wants the same for us. At that same time we also had to forgive any transgressors, which we did. So our hearts are at peace and maybe some day, God willing, the mystery will be solved--but that’s in His hands.

In October all Louisville Academy graduates will gather to celebrate a combination class reunion. BoPeep always enjoyed those times. On some of those occasions he even dropped by after the meal and visited with the ‘58 reunion graduates. This year he will have to be there in spirit, but if you listen up as the soft fall breezes pass your ears you might hear a whisper, “God Loves You, So Do I.”

Let us remember Bill “BoPeep” Farrer with fond memories; the man who loved his Lord and never met a stranger.

God Bless Each of You,

Mary “Farrer” Baker

Lady Panthers applauded

I write this letter in order to commend Coach Matt Swint, his staff, his players and the Glascock County School System for the tremendous example of sportsmanship exhibited on Sept. 15, 2012, at the Johnson County Softball Tournament. The actions of Coach Swint and his team in helping our player represent all that is good and essential in sports. Coach Swint’s actions demonstrate that he is instilling values and life lessons that transcend the sport and reflect our common humanity. The actions of Coach Swint and his players will forever remain an important part of our school history; and, I am sure all who witnessed these powerful actions will never forget.

I am sure the Glascock County Board of Education and the community in general are extremely proud of how this coach, his staff and the players conducted themselves in this powerful example of sportsmanship. On behalf of the Telfair County Board of Education, administration, faculty, staff, students and community, I thank Coach Swint, his staff and the Lady Panthers. I wish all of them a wonderful school year.


Lenard F. Harrelson Jr., J.D.
Superintendent, Telfair County Schools
(This letter applauds the action of the Lady Panthers softball team who helped an opposing team member around the bases after she pulled a hamstring.)

GCCS and others thanked

Family Connections & Communities In Schools of Glascock, Inc. would like to extend a special thank you to everyone at GCCS (administrative staff, teachers, and students) along with Glascock County community members for your dedication to our High School Heroes Program sponsored by Shepeard Blood Center. Because of you and your unselfish donations during the 2011-2012 school year, we once again have won for our District 1 Division (in which we are one of approximately 10 schools in this division with high school population consisting of 350 students or fewer).

The Shepeard’s High School Heroes Program is an innovative partnership between area high schools and Shepeard Community Blood Center. Its primary objectives are:

Provide valuable volunteer experience

Be a source for community involvement and school pride

Provide recognition and grant opportunities to participating schools

Nurture within young people a lifetime commitment to provide a safe and adequate blood supply to the local community

Below you will find the break down for this past school year’s blood drives at GCCS. It will show how many volunteered to donate blood, how many good units were collected, and how many lives in the CSRA could be saved because of your generous donations.

September 2011: 26 volunteers 19 good units 57 lives

November 2011: 37 volunteers 24 good units 72 lives

January 2012: 25 volunteers 19 good units 57 lives

March 2012: 30 volunteers 27 good units 81 lives

May 2012: 26 volunteers 22 good units 66 lives

The impact our little community of Glascock County has in the CSRA is great! We collected a total of 111 good units of blood potentially giving life saving support to 333 needy citizens in just 9 months time. My heartfelt thanks to all of you for the outstanding job you have done and continue to do coming together to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Glascock County knows how to get it done! For the past three years Glascock County has been enrolled in the program, we have been the winner for our District. In 2010 we were awarded $350. In 2011 we were awarded $1,000.

This year, as a reward for your efforts, Shepeard Community Blood Center has awarded Glascock County Consolidated School with a total of $1,750.00 which can be used for needed equipment or supplies.

You made this all happen; and in today’s hurting economy, this will help our school greatly. On behalf of the many hospital patients these donations have already benefited, we, along with the Shepeard Blood Center thank you!


With Heartfelt Thanks and Blessings,

Catherine M. Hunnicutt
Youth Development Coordinator
Family Connections & Communities In Schools of Glascock, Inc.
211 W. Main Street
Gibson, Georgia 30810
(706) 598-0722


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