July 5, 2012 Issue


Happy Birthday, America

Dear Editor:

I would like to submit this for publication on behalf of these Unted States and all Americans who stand firm on the “Rock of what is right.”

We should hold dear the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as necessary to guard our freedoms and protect our God-given heritage.



“Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women. When it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it,” Billings Learned Hand.

“His words are a stirring reminder that our Constitution and Bill of Rights can be effective guarantees of freedom only as long as we understand and prize the principles that they enshrine. Accordingly, each of us has a responsibility to uphold the ideals of tolerance and justice; to teach our children the difference between liberty and license; and to share in the hard work of freedom--at the ballot box, in the work place, on the farm, in the military, or through our homes, schools and places of worship. This is the essence of good citizenship...” President George H.W. Bush, Sept. 4, 1991.

Happy birthday, America!

Catherine Hockenbury

Deal asks for “No” vote on transportation SPLOST

Dear Editor:

I would like to address the people of Glascock County. I am not sure that you actually are aware, but the T-Splost (1 percent optional sales tax) you are to vote on in the July Primary will affect even how much you pay for gas in your automobile when you fill up to go back and forth to work.

If gas is $3 per gallon you will be paying an extra 3 cents tax. This tax will definitely hurt the working people and folks on fixed incomes as this tax will not come off for 10 years, if passed. Glascock County already has three optional SPLOST taxes which on $3 per gallon gasoline would be 9 cents tax.

I personally am going to vote “NO” on Referendum 1. I think we have enough taxes to pay as it is and the sales tax in Glascock County does not need to go to 8 cents on the dollar.

If you may feel the same as I do, please vote “NO” on Referendum No. 1 (T-SPLOST) on July 31, 2012.

Cary Deal

D’Antignac supports Obama

Dear Editor:

I’ve been called, or should I say referred to a lot of things, but never a Rock. Trust me, I won’t take it personal. What I will say is this: At the end of my last letter I said…(Finally, the grade I personally would give the president for the time he has been in office is B+. And if the majority of the American electorate grade him as I have, they’ll give him a B+ as well. My question to America was, and still is: Does he deserve, four more years?) You tell me. After reading David Chance’s letter, he not only informed me, but all the readers of this newspaper, that he is not part of the majority, that I wrote about.

And low and behold I didn’t need him to tell me about the media, but it seems I struck a nerve by saying I get tired of all the same old mess that’s spewed all day, every day. And when I go off and watch a sitcom, that doesn’t mean I have no insight and wisdom? What it does mean, I am already tired of all the political BS I’ve seen and heard on TV, gotten in my regular mail, emails on my computer all during the day, two to three times a week on my house phone, and text messages on my cell-phone. Would you believe I had to turn off my fax machine to keep them from using up my paper and ink? This all started in 2010, and if you and others don’t find some other outlet from all these lies both sides spew, by the time Nov. 6 gets here, you’ll be headed to the insane asylum, instead of the voting booth.

Now let me answer some of this “transparency” in government that he and others like harping on. Compared to the one before him, Pres. Obama is wide open. The guy even wrote a book that most of the Republicans, and all of the different Tea Party groups have been using to attack him. Now here’s the one that brought a smile to my face, and I quote, ”If Clyde can name anything already in place or that Obama and his czars have in the works, that is for America’s benefit, I would love to hear it.” I guess Mr. Chance failed to read what I wrote about the president’s accomplishments.

He goes on to say, “Obama doesn`t even use the congress or senate. He has installed czars.” Every president I’ve known in my life time has used some kind of end around congress to get some of the departments or positions filled that congress stalls on, not only just months, but years. Someone needs to tell him that if you have a faction of congress stalling on your appointments, and saying no to everything you need, as president you’ll do what you have to do to get the job done. And by the way, if it was so illegal to have czars why aren’t the Republicans and Tea Party groups not talking about them? Oops, I know why. They got him and a few others to do it for them. Hello…somebody call the police. LOL

This much I can agree with him on. That most American are blind to the fact that the shape our country (and world) is in, did not happen overnight. With that statement, he and others that think like him, know that Pres. Obama didn’t drive America in the ditch. He (without very little help from the right) has done the best he could to get us out of that ditch. With what he inherited, it will take more than four-years to clean-up eight years of “a dumbed down lethargic presidency and society.”

Let me also touch on and inform him about what seems to be his fondest point, education. At last count, there are 29 republican governors, and if you check in each of their states, education was the number one budget that got the axe. So, wailing on about the department of education is a no-no. It’s doing more than all of those right-wing states, including the one (Texas) I live in.

Finally, let me touch on a point that has bothered me since the president took office. In most of 2010, Dick Army and the Tea Party groups came out of the blue, or should I say deep right field. They started small and got a lot of media attention. Why? Because of the signs degrading the president and racists carrying automatic weapons across their shoulders, and fire arms strapped to their hips, to what they called political gatherings.

I’ll be the first to stand with any group to protest and speak out about my president, my congressman/woman, and my senators, but to say the things they were saying, and the signs they were carrying, was way over the top.

And yes, it’s true we are all being fed the same information by the MSM, but just because we have a black president doesn’t mean we are ill-informed, brainwashed sheep, that America is being taken over little by little, and our rights and freedoms are fading, and will eventually be taken completely away. Ever since Pres. Obama took office, you have these dumbed down lethargic, ill-informed people across America saying, “We need to take our country back.” Pray tell me, who took it from us? Someone out there reading this tell me how one man can take America from us?

You were lied too, taken to war, and you have the audacity to talk about transparency, your rights, your freedom. Get real. And by the way, the only thing I associate Hitler with is this (www.wideawakenews.com) right wing tea party website.

Future Wadley Resident
Clyde D’Antignac


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