June 28, 2012 Issue


Gaskin invites all to contribute to fundraiser

Dear Editor:

I would like to have the opportunity to thank some special people for helping with the fund raiser for Dana Jones and for making it a big success.

When you plan something like this you are hoping on a wing and prayer that it will all go as planned and be a success. I could not believe how everyone turned out to help this family and it made me realize that there are still kind, caring, and giving people in this world. First I would like to thank Ms. Evey Belcher for allowing me once again to pull her into a fundraiser!



She is always there when I call with another project and she truly works hard at helping to get everything accomplished. She is a true friend, a sounding board and a blessing. To Ms. Sharon Kitchens and Ms. Beth Moore, for working tirelessly to serve food in the heat and for donating items. To Mr. Randall Jones for running all over town, getting ice, delivering food, we cannot thank you enough. To Ms. Amber Murry, Ms Lori Dukes, Ms. Terese Dixon and Ms. Nancy McGraw for donating food items, baked goods or both. You all cannot imagine how much those things helped. Thanks to the crews from out at Battle Lumber Company who ordered lunches from us and especially Mr. Paul Purvis. There are so many people that I want to thank, people who came by and bought a lunch or a cake and people who just came by and made a donation. I hope that I did not leave anyone out, and if I did please forgive me. Ms. Jones is not quite where she needs to be to be able to get the surgery scheduled, but thanks to each of you she is a lot closer. God bless each of you.

Tamera D. Gaskin

A dumbed down, lethargic society will be our downfall

Dear Editor:

I used to think that people gained knowledge with age. Apparently not. After reading Clyde D’Antigac`s letter it is obvious that he and many more have no clue. I would like Clyde to name one thing Obama has done in “the few short years in office.” Oh yeah, it has to be constitutional. Where is the “transparency” in government that he ran on. Clyde turns off the news because they`re all saying the same thing, (all media is owned by only seven people) but instead of studying an alternative independent news source he, watches a sitcom. Then with all of the insight and wisdom of a rock he then sits down and writes his letter to the editor.

He and most of the population are blind to the fact that the shape our country (and world) is in did not happen overnight. But all I ever hear is “He’s cleaning up Bush’s mess,” or, “Obama is an idiot. Bush was better.” Obama or Bush couldn’t care less about you and me. They play for the same team and, this team has been around for a long time. It`s very hard for most to understand that there is no difference in republican or democrat in politics. They all take their marching orders from the very same few. And Clyde talks about the right to vote. People, you could write down your pick on a sheet of paper and throw it in the trash and it would count just the same.

Powerful men, not all American, run this country from behind the scenes. It matters not which side of the aisle they come from, they have been “pre-approved” by the elite. Many of you will say “ this is nuts, the government doesn’t want to hurt us. They just want what’s best.” They do want what’s best but it ain’t for us. This includes education. How is it that the best country on the planet ranks 21 in science and 25 in math. The federal gov. (us) can bail out the “too big to fails,” give staggering amounts to green energy friends, I mean firms, but the first thing they cut is yep, education. Not that money does the teaching, that’s apparent in inner city schools, Washington D.C. taking first prize.

Guess what? Get used to it. The Dept. of Ed. is in charge of curriculum so, no matter how many good teachers you have they will all be teaching the same thing. The powers that be do not want a population of critical, independent thinkers. They want a society just smart enough to work a mediocre job, accept a low wage, then go sit down and watch a sitcom or Dancing With the Stars, telling themselves everything is just fine, I don`t need to pay attention. The gov`t will do it for me.

A dumbed down lethargic society will be the downfall of this nation.

Politicians have always lied. Promising “goodies” to all if elected. That in itself is wrong. But, since 2001 the bar has been raised: The Patriot Act, Homeland Security, TSA, cameras on every street corner. The president, congressmen, senators, the feds lie to our faces every day and expect us to like it. Henry Paulson, former head of the Federal Reserve swore before congress two weeks before the crash that Fanny and Freddy were solid. He then held a secret meeting with friends and big hedge fund managers and told them to play short; they were insolvent. What did congress do for this blatant dereliction of duty and criminal act on Paulson’s part? They put Clemmens on trial for steroid use!

People, when are you going to wake up? Corruption in D.C. was awful under the Bushes but, it is in overdrive now.

Obama doesn`t even use the congress or senate. He has installed czars. This is absolutely opposite of the constitution. His stealth takeover of our lives has now been imposed on everything from the food we eat to the fuel we need for our cars to the cars themselves. Attn. Gen. Eric Holder and Obama are suing any state that attempts to enforce immigration laws. Wait, the federal gov`t is suing states for enforcing federal law? Yep. Obama and Holder granted de facto amnesty to 215,000 El Salvadorian immigrants in 2012, using an earthquake that happened a decade ago as an excuse. If Clyde can name anything already in place or that Obama and his czars have in the works, that is for America’s benefit, I would love to hear it.

America has been taken over little by little. All of our rights and freedoms are fading and will eventually be taken completely away. Don`t think so? Even Clyde already knows all MSM news is the same. We are all being fed the same information so we will all be the same ill-informed, brainwashed sheep we’re supposed to be. Someone else implemented this same plan before...oh yeah, Hitler. Type in www.wideawakenews.com.

David Chance

Oliphants thank firefighters

Dear Editor:

This is a thank you letter to all the fire departments and others who came so quickly to help put out the fire on our property on Sunday, June 17 (Fathers Day).

Reeves was out checking the farm as he does each day and found it on the back of the farm.

With all the dry weather and wind it could have been really bad for not only us but all the farms around.

A big “thank you” for our firemen and for friends, too.

We are grateful to you and keep you in our prayers when we see smoke; and, each day we thank God for you all.


Reeves and Orelia Oliphant


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