June 7, 2012 Issue


Hadden provided years of service

Dear Editor:

Jefferson County lost one of her sterling citizens this week, Mr. Myron H. Hadden a long term, faithful member of the Jefferson Hospital Authority. During his years of service he could always be counted on to give sage, practical and “spot-on” advice. He had a way of cutting to the core of any issue and supporting the correct action to be taken. Mr. Myron loved his family and his beloved wife, Peggy. He gave generously of his time to promote better health care for Jefferson County. He devoted himself to absorbing every educational opportunity to become an informed authority member and seldom missed a meeting. His service was appreciated and valued by those he served with and those he helped give oversight. He was loved and admired by the entire hospital administrative staff. We are forever grateful for his service.




Rita Culvern,
Retired Jefferson Hospital CEO (1990-2007)

In answer to your questions

Dear Editor:

I want to thank Ms. Gaskin for her thoughts on what I wrote, and it’s true we do have different opinions about subject matters, (especially when it comes to politics). Like herself, I too don’t mind riling a few folks when they are wrong and lying about someone I think has done more for this country in the few short years he’s been in office than the one before him, and the one who wants his job.

The letter she wrote gave me a laugh or two, and really made me LOL at the end. I’m glad she thinks people should vote with their brains and hearts, and she’s right on when she said, “Voting and the right to vote is nothing to be taken lightly.” I wrote to thank her for her letter, and I wanted to answer the three questions she asked.

1: “How many people do you think actually voted for Pres. Obama based on what they thought he stood for?” Answer...We will never know. I personally thought, and still think, he stood for change, and according to the Republican Tea Party America got more change than they thought they would get. He shocked a lot of people, especially those that thought he would fall flat on his face the first year, found that he was more prepared for them than Jimmy Carter was.

2: “Do you really think that what he was saying mattered at the time?” I did, and I believe a large portion of the electorate did, too. I won’t say some voted because they thought it was an opportune time for an African American to be in office, what I will say is this. Some probably did vote with their hearts and not with their brains, and that’s sad. I believe that those who did vote that way were intrigued to find out for themselves if an African American could do the job, and my answer to that is: He has done more for this country in the few short years he’s been in office than the one before him, and the one who wants his job. Now that’s history in the making.

As an American voter, it’s not easy to pick and choose the right persons for the jobs that become open every two and four years. I once heard a wise old man say, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Politicians you cannot ever call a friend, and God forbid if you make one an enemy in your district, nothing would ever get done in your part of town. With that said I will certainly tell people to vote for someone who shares the same values and ideas for this country that you share, but to always remember, the worst liars in the world are lawyers and politicians. They will look you in your eyes and have their hands in your pocket at the same time.

I, too, think we as Americans watch, and believe too much of what the media say. Personally, I get bored and watch some recorded sitcom or movie. They all are beating you over the head with the same piece of news; and, they all put their different spin on it to make it sound so convincing. Sad part is, the local stations do the same.

This country does need a strong leader, a leader who does not give in to political correctness in order to get votes, a leader who is not afraid to stand his ground and say no when he knows something is wrong. Someone who isn’t afraid to stand up and say enough is enough, this country needs four more years of Barack Obama, to finish the work he started. I know Ms. Gaskin and others won’t agree with that statement; and, I’ll respect her and their right to differ with it, or me. But, be as it may, her candor is refreshing; and, I thank her for it.

Finally, I’ll answer her last question. 3: “By the way, is he ever really going to be a Wadley resident?” My answer is yes. The reason we haven’t moved is that of the real-estate market. We bought this home new, added a sun-room, put a utility house in the backyard and added a generator that will light up the whole house when the electricity goes out. What we’re asking for, we can’t get at this time. We won’t give it away, so we’ll stay and hope the market gets better in the near future, and then I can stop saying…

Future Wadley Resident
Clyde D’Antignac


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