May 31, 2012 Issue


Hospital responds

Dear Editor:

As Medical Director of Jefferson Hospital Emergency Department, I want to extend my sincere apology to Mrs. Scott and her family for the treatment (lack of caring) she received at our Hospital on 4/21/12 detailed in her sonís recent letter to the editor. This type of care is certainly not what is expected from our staff and, when discovered, not tolerated at our facility. I also want to thank the Scott family for coming forward and sharing their experience with us. After I was made aware of her bad experience, I called Mrs. Scott to personally apologize and detail to her the corrective measures we have taken.



How can our community help improve our hospital?

We ask that you be bold and speak up like the Scott family. Give us your feedback every time you use hospital services (both good and bad experiences are valued). In addition to patient surveys, you always have the option of calling Hospital Administration 478-625-7000 ext. 200 or call me directly if you have a pressing concern that you feel needs immediate action via my cell phone at 706-340-1077. We want and need your feedback so that we can learn what specific behaviors need to be changed, or added to our practice habits. Your feedback is our game film for performance review. We are counting on you Ė the public to provide us a play by play account of your experience. Again I want to thank the Scott family for helping us improve.


Harry L. Wingate III,

(UGA 1984 and MCG 1988)

ED Director for Jefferson Hospital

Do not vote lightly

Dear Editor:

I always read Mr. DíAntignacís letters and I usually donít agree with him but I respect his opinion as well as others who write in that I donít agree with and I always enjoy the read. I am sure there are folks who donít agree with me either.

I donít mind getting people a little angry or riled up, itís good to get the old heart pumping a little faster sometimes, and you know what they say about opinions...and you know I canít say it in this public forum so I leave that to folksí imagination.

I have to tell you that I happen to agree a little with the letter last week. People do need to vote with their brain and their heart. Voting and the right to vote is nothing to be taken lightly.

I want to pose a question though. How many people do you think actually voted for President Obama based on what they thought he stood for? Do you really think that what he was saying mattered at the time?

I really donít think it did. I think that the fact that for the first time in history there was an opportunity for an African American to be in office was a driving force behind many, many votes. I think most who voted for him could have cared less what he stood for as long as they got him in office. It was history in the making...

With that said I will certainly tell people to vote with their heart and brain. Vote for someone who shares the same values and ideas for this country that you share.

Whoever is in that office should have the good of all people in mind, not just the ones who share your opinions or your party affiliation or who you owe favors. To me that is what any good president does.

We all have to admit that there have been changes that have taken place in this country over the years not just with democrats but with republicans in office as well that have not been good changes for this country. All the fights and bickering amongst the two parties have caused myself and many others to lose faith in our government and that is a bad feeling.

I actually feel most of the time that this country is being led and controlled by the media and Hollywood rather than Washington.

This country needs a strong leader, a leader who does not give in to political correctness in order to get votes, a leader who is not afraid to stand his or her ground and say no when they know something is wrong. Someone who isnít afraid to stand up and say enough is enough, this country needs to get back on track.

Listen, I donít know which party has screwed this country up, one can blame the other but I suspect they both have. A big part of the problem to me has been the terms that congress has been allowed to serve. Being a congress member should not be a lifetime job, just like welfare should not be a lifetime benefit.

Well, once again that is my opinion and I wanted to share it with Mr. DíAntignac, and others and I hope he respects mine as I respect his even though we support different party lines.

By the way, is he ever really going to be a Wadley resident?

Tamera Gaskin

Deacon thanks Louisville

Dear Editor:

Whenever I hear someone complain about Louisville, I wonder if they know the city I know. The people here are so nice. Not just to people, they will even help a dog in trouble.

Our Golden Retriever, Deacon, jumped the fence on a Saturday afternoon recently and headed to downtown Louisville. He stopped in at The Welcome Center where Casey encouraged him to purchase a local magnet that reads, ďLouiSville, Ga. We pronounce the S!Ē Casey was kind enough to puppysit briefly before dropping him off at Dr. Chipís who cared for him until we returned home.

This past week, Deacon decided it was time for another stroll past the Post Office. This time he was wet and tired and saw the sign for Ready.Set.Relaxx. Krystina said his nose was pressed up to the window like he really needed a massage! He managed to talk her into a breakfast burrito (I donít think he asked permission to eat).

Try calling the radio station in a city about a lost dog and see if anyone as nice as Wendel takes time to tell folks to watch out for him.

I am sure many people in Louisville would have been just as kindhearted. Deaconís life was saved because four years ago I moved to a town where people really care about each other.

We are constantly watching the weather forecast to help Deacon avoid that next clap of thunder. If you should see our sweet, redheaded furball running around the ďshops,Ē just show him your wares. There is no more loyal a patron of downtown Louisville. Everyone should be! We live in a great town!


Gloria Davis


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